For more than 30 years, Adobe has been providing customers with top-of-the line software solutions to help in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Our experience in growing leading businesses and helping them mature their marketing programs with our testing and optimization solution, Adobe Target, has given us insight into best practices and proven strategies for growth. We’ve taken the lessons learned for meeting specific business requirements and the needs of our customers and integrated them into our approach to test optimization.

These lessons are the basis for our self-assessment tool, the Maturity Model, and they are also the subject of ongoing conversations in our blog posts and online discussion groups, as well as a special program called “Leaders and Learners,” a series of regional forums held throughout the year, and scheduled as a special session at the 2014 Adobe Summit.

Leaders and Learners events gather advanced practitioners of the Adobe Target solution with those who are just starting out or gaining traction in the space to discuss new and unique ways to leverage test optimization to achieve their specific business goals.

During these forums, optimization newcomers can learn about relevant issues in prodigital governance, unique strategies and techniques for test optimization, processes around test design and execution, and techniques for evangelizing program wins and results. Examples include how to educate executive sponsors and department heads on the value and processes inherent in the testing process, how to evangelize wins such as increased ROI or other successes, and how to use our Maturity Model to assess your ongoing maturity, building the support required to achieve your annual goals and growth.

Leaders and Learners forums always lead to lively, insightful discussions on the impressive wins or obstacles overcome on the road to optimization. The feedback we get from the attendees is always positive. In the past, we’ve had some great discussions. Here are a few of the unique takeaways that I’ve gained from these sessions:

One progressive Adobe Target practitioner was able to turn the Target solution into an internal revenue-generating tool for their division. The division used a huge win on its homepage to evangelize the potential ROI from testing across the global company. The team now charges other departments to test, and they have used this as an additional point of ROI for their program!

Another enterprise customer spoke about the importance of “pride of ownership” and being your own advocate. The customer leveraged the guidance and presentation materials provided by Adobe to successfully evangelize and grow support for the optimization efforts and program within the company. One enterprise financial company spoke about how it was important for team managers to take this material and customize it based on the relationships and initiatives they were involved with within their organization. This helped make the program a more homegrown part of the organization, rather than just being viewed as an outside entity that was disconnected from the company’s core initiatives.

A final customer spoke about the need for a “training the trainer” approach. She did not have the bandwidth to travel from department to department within her company to meet and educate employees on the value and processes that were a part of optimization. She overcame this by holding quarterly trainings during which she would teach representatives from each division, who would then take back their learnings to train the individuals in their division. Not only did this build support and create evangelists in other parts of the organization, it also helped the trainers internalize the information and build a better understanding of how to implement and succeed in their test optimization.

Aside from looking at traditional uses for optimization, we also include presentations from more progressive customers around hot topics such as Big Data and mobile testing and targeting, as well as integrating siloed data sets into regularly updated persistent visitor profiles for advanced targeting and personalization within Adobe Target.

From basic getting started tips to more advanced best practices and hot topics such as B mobile testing, there’s something for everyone at a Leaders and Learners forum. In fact, there’s been so much positive feedback on these forums that we are developing an online forum to support and continue the Leaders and Learners discussions year-round! In the meantime, come visit us at Summit, March 24–28, to meet some of the leaders in the industry and to learn how you can leverage test optimization to achieve your business goals.