Nothing makes us happier than to hear success stories from our customers about how they’re extending the reach of their brands and growing revenue using Adobe Target along with other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. This week we’ll look at how Liberty Global, one of the world’s largest international cable operators, is bringing its brand to life across the 13 countries it serves.

The cable industry is changing fast, and Liberty Global must maintain a culture of innovation or risk losing market share to competitors. With faster Internet connections and an ever-increasing number of smartphones and tablets at their fingertips, its customers are demanding richer, more interactive digital experiences everywhere, at any time. To keep pace, Liberty Global is using a variety of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager to create and publish content, Adobe Target to optimize its sales funnel and personalize customer experiences, and Adobe Analytics to track activity for digital content and accurately attribute conversions.

Liberty Global focuses much of its targeting efforts on its homepage, product pages, and order process. In Austria, the company ran a test based on affinity marketing, where returning customers who have previously visited a specific product section are presented with a homepage banner that matches the previously viewed content. By reminding the customer of where they previously visited on the site, Liberty Global saw a 68% conversion uplift for those products. A recent video highlights the company’s success. Liberty Global is also testing different “buy now” buttons and various ways to display products to different audience segments to generate lift.

Overall, Adobe Marketing Cloud is enabling Liberty Global to continuously measure, analyze, and optimize performance across its websites. With the help of Adobe solutions, the company has seen an 11% uplift in orders, increased clickthroughs by 23%, and accelerated website time-to-market by allowing marketing managers and content authors to reuse templates and design elements.

With tens of millions of customer interactions every month, Liberty Global has now become much more efficient in how it posts and tracks digital content while optimizing the customer journey. Congratulations to Morgan Evans, Director Online at Liberty Global, for executing on his vision of delivering engaging online content to customers on their choice of digital device, at any time.