Malcolm Forbes famously observed that the true art of conversation lies in listening, not talking. The same can be said of optimization—instead of pushing experiences at your customers, “listen” to exactly what it is that they want so you can deliver it. Essentially, the first requirement of an effective optimization program is to be very good listeners, and that’s the same approach Adobe takes with our own customers.

Our relationships with customers go far beyond sales and support. We strive to be a true partner by providing best practices and guidance. We’re committed to creating a dialog with (and among) our customers so they can share lessons learned and tips and tricks; and so we can listen to feedback and identify opportunities to enhance and streamline future versions of Adobe Target.

We do this through live events such as our annual Adobe Summit, our popular, periodic Leaders & Learners events, and also through our online forums. It’s a win-win: customers benefit from being able to leverage the strategies that have helped their peers build successful optimization programs, and we can better focus our development efforts by learning firsthand more about what our customers want.

So what have we learned? Here are a few insights gleaned from recent one-on-one conversations with enterprise customers.

Ease of use is important, but so is depth of functionality. Customers want the ability to set up the right test quickly, but without sacrificing additional customization or advanced features and integration capabilities that can further fine tune results and increase lift.

Step-by-step guidance helps marketers get it right the first time. Even non-technical users want to be able to set up a well-defined test that will generate the results they’re looking for. We’re continually refining the Adobe Target user interface to prompt users to think about strategy and best practices as they’re setting up and executing a test.

More and more companies are realizing that testing and targeting should be part of a larger ecosystem. Adobe Target customers are leveraging the rich data and analytics capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud to unify digital marketing efforts and streamline collaboration.

Customers that test more and target their results have greater success. Our first priority is to pave the way for efficient optimization and remove any roadblocks to setting up an effective test. This allows you to test more, achieve more results, and act upon them efficiently in real-time.

Listening to our customers fuels our innovation and product development. It’s gratifying to see our customers develop their optimization programs at a far faster pace than ever before, become more efficient at driving ongoing growth in their programs, and experience higher return on their investments.