We’ve come a long way since the one-size-fits-all approach to building products.  Today, customers demand products customized to suit their tastes. And industries from shoes and apparel to home furnishings, jewelry, and luxury goods are responding with online product customization experiences.  In fact, including your customers in the product design process by allowing them to select from various options, choose color and texture, and possibly even add a logo or text, can help increase time spent on your site, average sales price, and reduce returns—all indicators of increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

At Adobe Summit Session S813: Made to Order: Customizing the Product Experience with DAM, we’ll share with you the key factors that make a great online product customization experience, and how easy it is to create with the Adobe Digital Asset Management personalized media capabilities.

We’ll also have a conversation with Kristin Buran, Senior Website Manager with Williams Sonoma’s Mark and Graham brand, about their journey creating a shopping experience dedicated to turning a gift into a personal gesture.

Is product customization a key growth opportunity for your business?

Join us at Adobe Summit to learn more.