In part one of this blog, we dis­cussed the require­ments for suc­cess­fully match­ing the right con­tent to the right user at the right time: Lots of data, robust behav­ioral tar­get­ing tools, and an under­ly­ing search engine. Today we’ll look at a unique tech­nol­ogy in Adobe Tar­get called “pro­file scripts” that can be used to eas­ily “tag” vis­i­tors with cer­tain attrib­utes for tar­get­ing and segmentation.

Pro­file scripts are small snip­pets of code writ­ten directly within Adobe Tar­get that allow mar­keters to aug­ment their knowl­edge about web­site vis­i­tors: Has the vis­i­tor pur­chased before? How many times have they been to the site? What cat­e­gories have they vis­ited the most? Have they aban­doned their cart before? Answer­ing ques­tions such as these in real time is crit­i­cal to deliv­er­ing the most rel­e­vant, tar­geted con­tent. Writ­ing code on the site to send the right infor­ma­tion to a test­ing sys­tem can be time– and cost-prohibitive. Build­ing this capa­bil­ity server-side into Adobe Tar­get opens up many options for advanced tar­get­ing. These scripts are exe­cuted on Target’s servers before con­tent is returned to the page. That means that infor­ma­tion learned about the vis­i­tor can be used in the same impres­sion to deliver rel­e­vant content.

By iden­ti­fy­ing with cer­tain behav­iors in the tar­get­ing sys­tem inter­face itself, there’s no need to inte­grate with other sys­tems or change the code on your web­pages to pass new data attrib­utes into the tar­get­ing sys­tem. Using pro­file scripts gives mar­keters the free­dom to quickly change and refine their tar­get­ing and seg­men­ta­tion efforts with­out wait­ing for IT to make code changes. Mar­keters can learn more about their site vis­i­tors to cap­i­tal­ize on trends faster, exper­i­ment more, and ulti­mately increase revenue.

Whether you’re bas­ing your pre­dic­tive deci­sions on pro­file scripts, data feeds from other enter­prise sys­tems, data from third-party ana­lyt­ics solu­tions, or all of the above, it’s impor­tant to choose a test­ing and tar­get­ing solu­tion that makes it easy to get data into the sys­tem. Because the richer and more inter­est­ing data you have to work with, the more value you’ll get from your tar­get­ing efforts.