As the fifth largest accounting firm in the U.S., McGladrey views its website as an important portal to build relationships with current and potential clients through regularly published thought leadership content. Given the website’s importance in building brand awareness and supporting lead generation, the company’s digital media team wanted more control over critical online web analytics and optimization strategies. To help reach its goals, McGladrey standardized on Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“When we decided to switch to in-house web analysis, we considered several products,” said Ken Foster, director of digital media at McGladrey. “In the end, we chose Adobe SiteCatalyst because it offers much more flexibility and power while generating more useful, detailed reports.”

In-depth data analytics in Adobe SiteCatalyst enables marketing teams to determine which pages are the most popular and deliver more content that site visitors find useful. At the same time, Adobe Search&Promote gives McGladrey more control over the search experience to spotlight and guide visitors to the most relevant information. In addition, enhanced content management in Adobe CQ empowers non-technical staff to create pages and publish thought content while giving the pages a high-quality, branded look.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud transforms the impact and reach of our digital content. With solid metrics to help us optimize digital experiences, we can generate more leads and reach more people with our thought leadership content,” says Foster.

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