Prominent secure data access and backup provider Mozy realized the internal search engine on its website simply wasn’t up to snuff when responding to product support questions. “We were hearing our customers’ displeasure with our site search from our weekly survey results, with many people who were fairly vocal about how they were hard-pressed to find what they were looking for,” says Mark Goetz, e-services manager at Mozy. “We knew we had to take action.”

Mozy implemented Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, particularly Adobe Search&Promote, to help it transform its online search experience. “To say that Adobe site search has had a positive impact on our business would be an understatement. On the English version of our site alone, we realized full return on our investment in less than four months,” explains Eric Hazelet, senior project manager at Mozy.

With help from the Adobe Consulting Group, Mozy rolled out its new search engine in only three months, twice as fast as previous projects. With these more flexible products, Mozy reduced customer support caseloads 11% and dropped the number of null results an incredible 99%.

“We know that our visitors are more satisfied with our site from our website survey results,” says Goetz. “When we compared the average amount of negative feedback two months prior to launching Adobe site search with the amount of negative feedback from the two months after the launch, we saw a 25% decrease.”

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