Promi­nent secure data access and backup provider Mozy real­ized the inter­nal search engine on its web­site sim­ply wasn’t up to snuff when respond­ing to prod­uct sup­port ques­tions. “We were hear­ing our cus­tomers’ dis­plea­sure with our site search from our weekly sur­vey results, with many peo­ple who were fairly vocal about how they were hard-pressed to find what they were look­ing for,” says Mark Goetz, e-services man­ager at Mozy. “We knew we had to take action.”

Mozy imple­mented Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite, par­tic­u­larly Adobe Search&Promote, to help it trans­form its online search expe­ri­ence. “To say that Adobe site search has had a pos­i­tive impact on our busi­ness would be an under­state­ment. On the Eng­lish ver­sion of our site alone, we real­ized full return on our invest­ment in less than four months,” explains Eric Hazelet, senior project man­ager at Mozy.

With help from the Adobe Con­sult­ing Group, Mozy rolled out its new search engine in only three months, twice as fast as pre­vi­ous projects. With these more flex­i­ble prod­ucts, Mozy reduced cus­tomer sup­port case­loads 11% and dropped the num­ber of null results an incred­i­ble 99%.

We know that our vis­i­tors are more sat­is­fied with our site from our web­site sur­vey results,” says Goetz. “When we com­pared the aver­age amount of neg­a­tive feed­back two months prior to launch­ing Adobe site search with the amount of neg­a­tive feed­back from the two months after the launch, we saw a 25% decrease.”

To learn more about how Mozy is using Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite, click here: (http://​bit​.ly/​Q​B​K​S7i)