We are very excited about the latest version of our site search product. Here is a quick summary of new features and improvements:

Redesigned interface and new help content

We’ve designed a friendlier user interface (check out the screen shots below) — including a new layout, colors, and buttons — for simpler navigation and ease of integration with other Adobe Digital Marketing Suite products.  In addition, this release includes a new online help system and updated help content.

More advanced management of dynamic navigation

This release also includes new and automatic management of complex facets and attributes.  Facets provide a way to organize or classify information – like a color picker on a website.  Starting today, our customers will be able to build refinements more easily, reducing the need to manually set up facets.  Additionally, our customers now can more easily merchandise products/content on their mobile site(s) with intelligent business rules. Great news given the recent explosion of mobile commerce.

New document format support and improved linguistics

Search&Promote now supports standard MS Office 10 formats (e.g. pptx and docx) and also includes enhanced support for PDF documents.  Lastly, this release includes improved linguistics support for Japanese and Chinese languages.

We are very excited about this new release and would love to hear what you think.