We are very excited about the lat­est ver­sion of our site search prod­uct. Here is a quick sum­mary of new fea­tures and improvements:

Redesigned inter­face and new help content

We’ve designed a friend­lier user inter­face (check out the screen shots below) — includ­ing a new lay­out, col­ors, and but­tons — for sim­pler nav­i­ga­tion and ease of inte­gra­tion with other Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite prod­ucts.  In addi­tion, this release includes a new online help sys­tem and updated help content.

More advanced man­age­ment of dynamic navigation

This release also includes new and auto­matic man­age­ment of com­plex facets and attrib­utes.  Facets pro­vide a way to orga­nize or clas­sify infor­ma­tion – like a color picker on a web­site.  Start­ing today, our cus­tomers will be able to build refine­ments more eas­ily, reduc­ing the need to man­u­ally set up facets.  Addi­tion­ally, our cus­tomers now can more eas­ily mer­chan­dise products/content on their mobile site(s) with intel­li­gent busi­ness rules. Great news given the recent explo­sion of mobile commerce.

New doc­u­ment for­mat sup­port and improved linguistics

Search&Promote now sup­ports stan­dard MS Office 10 for­mats (e.g. pptx and docx) and also includes enhanced sup­port for PDF doc­u­ments.  Lastly, this release includes improved lin­guis­tics sup­port for Japan­ese and Chi­nese languages.

We are very excited about this new release and would love to hear what you think.