At last count there were over 100,000 apps avail­able for the iPhone. By any mea­sure, that’s an amaz­ing num­ber! Like any col­lec­tion of goods, the avail­able apps range from out­stand­ing to out­landish, but if you’re any­thing like me you’ve found at least a few apps that have impacted your life in big ways.

Yep, apps are big busi­ness, which makes it all the more sur­pris­ing that more mar­keters aren’t actively opti­miz­ing their apps through the use of soft­ware like Omniture’s Test&Target. You heard me right: You can use Test&Target to opti­mize iPhone apps with all the great func­tion­al­ity you’ve come to expect, like A/B and mul­ti­vari­ate test­ing, dynamic con­tent tar­get­ing, and user seg­men­ta­tion. Omni­ture Dig­i­tal offers in-application opti­miza­tion ser­vices for our cus­tomers, and it’s excit­ing to see this new ser­vice take off. Here are some of the biggest areas of oppor­tu­ni­ties that our clients are look­ing to improve:

Reg­is­tra­tion and lead gen­er­a­tion: Many apps offer an option to reg­is­ter for enhanced ser­vices, and I’ve seen these processes run the gamut of superb to awful. Just as on the web, the way you present a reg­is­tra­tion process can make a huge impact on your con­ver­sion rate. Areas to focus on are the num­ber of fields required, the order in which you ask ques­tions, and even the offer you’re pre­sent­ing to your cus­tomers. Test&Target can serve two or more reg­is­tra­tion flows to your users to mea­sure which one per­forms better.

In-application e-commerce: Some of the biggest gains Omni­ture Dig­i­tal has made for our cus­tomers comes from mak­ing improve­ments to a stan­dard web check­out process. An in-app check­out process is even more crit­i­cal, as you have only a few sec­onds before a user will aban­don if the process is not super sim­ple. Test&Target allows you to refine and mea­sure your e-commerce flow, with­out hav­ing to release a new ver­sion of the application.

Con­tent tar­get­ing: For con­tent appli­ca­tions (such as news or blog apps), con­tent tar­get­ing can be a pow­er­ful tool for keep­ing your users inside your app longer and com­ing back more often. Test&Target can tar­get con­tent based on pref­er­ences stated by your app’s users, or sim­ply by keep­ing track of past inter­ests. And don’t for­get the power of geo-targeting.

In-app upsells: Now that Apple has OK’d in-app pur­chases and instant app upgrades, it’s time to pay atten­tion to how you’re mes­sag­ing these options to your users. Why pass up a chance to test out an improved offer or call to action? A dynamic A/B or mul­ti­vari­ate test can do the trick here.

Prod­uct rec­om­men­da­tions: For e-commerce appli­ca­tions, prod­uct rec­om­men­da­tions can be a huge dri­ver of app usage and sales. If your app ties into your prod­uct cat­a­log (and even bet­ter, into your Site­Cat­a­lyst data), then you are in a posi­tion to help your cus­tomers dis­cover more prod­ucts in the few sec­onds that they’ll be spend­ing with you.

I’m really just scratch­ing the sur­face here. I’m look­ing for­ward to the day when I can pick up an iPhone appli­ca­tion and know that the entire expe­ri­ence from start to fin­ish has been opti­mized by the votes of a mil­lion thumbs just like mine.