It’s here—and it’s big. Today at Adobe Summit 2014 we announced a host of enhancements to the personalization engine of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Dubbed Adobe Target Premium (read the release here), the completely reimagined market-leading optimization product brings together behavioral analytics and all that great audience data you’ve been mining to connect the critical dots when it matters most. You know all about last millisecond personalization and why it’s so critical (if not, read all about it here). Now you’ve got the tools you need to unearth those fundamental but often indecipherable insights, delivering at scale the most relevant experience to your consumers each and every time. Get ready to be a total personalization powerhouse.

But that’s not even the best part. Marketers, this one couldn’t be more made for you. Never mind having to place a big bet on a particular creative asset or hero image—or build segmentation rules for that matter. In just a few clicks, you can have a completely automated campaign up and running, taking advantage of sophisticated predictive modeling and decisioning to deliver and recommend personalized content. The result: consumers are better aligned with relevant content and products, and their actions drive immediate, measurable results for your business. What’s more, Adobe Target will now wholly leverage Adobe Analytics, helping you turn on a dime and channel those incredible insights into real-time action—and it’s the only measurement-meets-targeting platform for end-to-end digital marketing optimization of its kind.

Adobe Target now has incredible audience targeting capabilities thanks to Adobe Marketing Cloud’s Master Marketing Profile (announced today), which culls and connects together rich, diverse data sets to create a near-perfect view of your customers. It’s a critical piece of the optimization puzzle—serving up personalized experiences and content to high-value segments means more sign-ups, more purchases, and greater content consumption than before. And the new Adobe Target Premium’s got it.

This exciting launch stems from something I’ve said, you’ve said, and your customers have said over and over: customer demands can change in a split second, with sometimes little or no prior indication. Consumers crave relevant experiences every time, across every touchpoint—Web, mobile Web, apps—and we have a responsibility to be there, right beside them, offering up some relevant gem from countless that may exist. If your organization isn’t meeting those needs in real time, you’re doing your customers—and your business—a potentially damaging disservice, alienating loyalists and turning your back on prospective buyers. Personalization is king, yes, but it needs to be consistent, far-reaching, and spot-on to matter. Adobe Target Premium will meet the demands on both sides, ensuring a smooth transition for new-to-optimization organizations, and unburdening overtaxed marketers who need to ensure personalization can scale with their business.

So let the countdown to June begin, when Adobe Target Premium becomes available. This is going to be a game-changer and one we couldn’t be more excited about. With Adobe Target Premium everyone can get their relevance on—in a big way—and deliver those spot-on experiences consumers have to have.