I introduced the four most powerful human motivators (accomplishment, freedom, connectedness, and growth) in my post, “Is Poor User Experience Slowing Your Conversion Rates?”  In this post, I zero in on the motivating power of growth.

We are motivated by the gap between who we are and who we want to be. Once we discern that a gap exists, we begin seeking the tools, skills, knowledge, relationships, and experiences that will help us build a bridge to the other side. Marketers speak to a wide range of human desires, but all of our desires can be summarized as a wish to change our present circumstances for the better. And that wish can be captured with one word: Growth.

This is my last post in a series on the four human motivators that drive conversion: accomplishment, freedom, connectedness, and growth. These core motivators act like a magnet drawing your customers into deeper, more consistent contact and engagement. For this culminating post, I’ll introduce several ways to stimulate your audience’s desire for growth and develop a strong case for how your products or services can improve their lives.

How Do Your Customers Grow?

Growth is one of the most interesting motivators to examine, and potentially one of the most difficult for marketers to pin down. It encompasses internal aspirations for learning and betterment; external goals like progress and advancement; and organizational development and expansion. If you can identify and market the form of growth that is most important to your audience, it will incentivize them to engage your brand.

Begin with a deep and detailed understanding of your users, and the specific forms of growth they crave. What limits their ability to learn, advance, succeed, earn, connect, and experience joy and satisfaction? How can you help them overcome these specific limitations? How will affiliation with your brand make an individual or organization’s growth simpler, easier, faster, lasting, and more effective? Answering these questions will enable you to make a compelling value proposition to customers and clients.

Beyond Trade Ups, Upgrades, and Rewards

Trade ups, upgrades, and rewards are the most basic forms of motivating with growth, and are usually the first tier of your efforts. Tying brand rewards to an individual’s internal and unquantifiable growth creates potent and personal motivation to engage.

For example, the personal finance startup SaveUp launched a mobile app that aggregates users’ financial accounts and tracks saving, spending, and debt. The app rewards users for healthy financial progress with “credits” that can be applied to travel, electronics, and scholarships. Earning rewards might be enough incentive for some people, but the personal, long-term goal of financial growth truly makes the service worth users’ time investment. People who might quickly get bored chasing the dangling carrot of points and prizes will stick around to pursue their self-identified lifestyle goals.

Align Your Brand with Individual Career Growth

When a B2B service engages its target businesses, it is typically speaking to a decision maker who has been delegated the task of improving the company’s tools, technologies, systems, and efficiency. These buyers see the potential investment as more than an investment of company dollars: they are investing their reputation in your brand. They hope to save their company time and money, or grow outreach and conversion, in order to achieve a personal goal of impressing the higher ups and furthering their careers.

Position your brand as a smart, forward-thinking service that delivers dividends and contributes to buyers’ personal success. Base weaves this right into its messaging, claiming to help you “boost B2B direct sales,” and “easily focus on the most productive tasks.” It promises to make the salesperson’s job easier, more organized, and more effective, leading to greater success.

Market Growth to Multiply Conversion

What types of growth is your brand especially well-suited for? Differentiate yourself by delivering growth assistance that people can’t find elsewhere, and by enabling a level of growth they can’t achieve on their own. Your audience will become loyal investors in your brand when they view it as an investment in themselves. Motivate with growth and watch your conversion rates multiply as a result.