I intro­duced the four most pow­er­ful human moti­va­tors (accom­plish­ment, free­dom, con­nect­ed­ness, and growth) in my post, “Is Poor User Expe­ri­ence Slow­ing Your Con­ver­sion Rates?”  In this post, I zero in on the moti­vat­ing power of growth.

We are moti­vated by the gap between who we are and who we want to be. Once we dis­cern that a gap exists, we begin seek­ing the tools, skills, knowl­edge, rela­tion­ships, and expe­ri­ences that will help us build a bridge to the other side. Mar­keters speak to a wide range of human desires, but all of our desires can be sum­ma­rized as a wish to change our present cir­cum­stances for the bet­ter. And that wish can be cap­tured with one word: Growth.

This is my last post in a series on the four human moti­va­tors that drive con­ver­sion: accom­plish­ment, free­dom, con­nect­ed­ness, and growth. These core moti­va­tors act like a mag­net draw­ing your cus­tomers into deeper, more con­sis­tent con­tact and engage­ment. For this cul­mi­nat­ing post, I’ll intro­duce sev­eral ways to stim­u­late your audience’s desire for growth and develop a strong case for how your prod­ucts or ser­vices can improve their lives.

How Do Your Cus­tomers Grow?

Growth is one of the most inter­est­ing moti­va­tors to exam­ine, and poten­tially one of the most dif­fi­cult for mar­keters to pin down. It encom­passes inter­nal aspi­ra­tions for learn­ing and bet­ter­ment; exter­nal goals like progress and advance­ment; and orga­ni­za­tional devel­op­ment and expan­sion. If you can iden­tify and mar­ket the form of growth that is most impor­tant to your audi­ence, it will incen­tivize them to engage your brand.

Begin with a deep and detailed under­stand­ing of your users, and the spe­cific forms of growth they crave. What lim­its their abil­ity to learn, advance, suc­ceed, earn, con­nect, and expe­ri­ence joy and sat­is­fac­tion? How can you help them over­come these spe­cific lim­i­ta­tions? How will affil­i­a­tion with your brand make an indi­vid­ual or organization’s growth sim­pler, eas­ier, faster, last­ing, and more effec­tive? Answer­ing these ques­tions will enable you to make a com­pelling value propo­si­tion to cus­tomers and clients.

Beyond Trade Ups, Upgrades, and Rewards

Trade ups, upgrades, and rewards are the most basic forms of moti­vat­ing with growth, and are usu­ally the first tier of your efforts. Tying brand rewards to an individual’s inter­nal and unquan­tifi­able growth cre­ates potent and per­sonal moti­va­tion to engage.

For exam­ple, the per­sonal finance startup SaveUp launched a mobile app that aggre­gates users’ finan­cial accounts and tracks sav­ing, spend­ing, and debt. The app rewards users for healthy finan­cial progress with “cred­its” that can be applied to travel, elec­tron­ics, and schol­ar­ships. Earn­ing rewards might be enough incen­tive for some peo­ple, but the per­sonal, long-term goal of finan­cial growth truly makes the ser­vice worth users’ time invest­ment. Peo­ple who might quickly get bored chas­ing the dan­gling car­rot of points and prizes will stick around to pur­sue their self-identified lifestyle goals.

Align Your Brand with Indi­vid­ual Career Growth

When a B2B ser­vice engages its tar­get busi­nesses, it is typ­i­cally speak­ing to a deci­sion maker who has been del­e­gated the task of improv­ing the company’s tools, tech­nolo­gies, sys­tems, and effi­ciency. These buy­ers see the poten­tial invest­ment as more than an invest­ment of com­pany dol­lars: they are invest­ing their rep­u­ta­tion in your brand. They hope to save their com­pany time and money, or grow out­reach and con­ver­sion, in order to achieve a per­sonal goal of impress­ing the higher ups and fur­ther­ing their careers.

Posi­tion your brand as a smart, forward-thinking ser­vice that deliv­ers div­i­dends and con­tributes to buy­ers’ per­sonal suc­cess. Base weaves this right into its mes­sag­ing, claim­ing to help you “boost B2B direct sales,” and “eas­ily focus on the most pro­duc­tive tasks.” It promises to make the salesperson’s job eas­ier, more orga­nized, and more effec­tive, lead­ing to greater success.

Mar­ket Growth to Mul­ti­ply Conversion

What types of growth is your brand espe­cially well-suited for? Dif­fer­en­ti­ate your­self by deliv­er­ing growth assis­tance that peo­ple can’t find else­where, and by enabling a level of growth they can’t achieve on their own. Your audi­ence will become loyal investors in your brand when they view it as an invest­ment in them­selves. Moti­vate with growth and watch your con­ver­sion rates mul­ti­ply as a result.