With the explosion of the mobile and tablet market, mobility is top of mind. Customers want to stay connected with their favorite brands and companies wherever they are and have come to expect a consistent experience at their fingertips, regardless of the device they are using. For businesses, managing and delivering optimized content to meet their customers’ expectations across multiple devices was difficult, manual and time consuming…until now.

The latest release of Adobe Scene7 automates the delivery of rich media with the consumer’s device in mind. The new Universal Viewer dramatically simplifies the deployment of optimized viewing for each screen  with drag-and-drop configuration. Delivering interactive experiences across desktops, smartphones, and tablets is now as easy as including a single universal Scene7 URL tied to a particular media asset. The URL has built-in device intelligence to automatically serve image or video content in the right viewer and the right format. Since mobile touch gestures as well as mouse-driven interactivity are supported with one single URL, the implementation of each URL previously required to optimize for each device is eliminated.

After all, different screens deserve different experiences.

This release also offers increased support for video content creation and instantaneous playback as well as HTML5. Click here for complete details of the latest Adobe Scene7 release