In the competitive banking industry, service is a key differentiator as customers demand greater flexibility and the ability to transact in the time, place, and manner best suited to them. For Sun Trust Banks, Inc., that has led to a thorough, data-driven effort to optimize and personalize each customer interaction through its digital channels.

To better understand customer needs and behaviors, Sun Trust turned to Adobe Marketing Cloud. By analyzing interactions, Sun Trust determines which online features customers use and how easily they find information. For instance, Adobe SiteCatalyst in Adobe Marketing Cloud revealed that clients often left the online banking site because of difficulty with password resets. By adjusting the process, the number of dropouts decreased. So did the number of calls to customer service.

Sun Trust also uses Adobe Test&Target to optimize content to deliver more personalized services. “We want to set ourselves apart by offering better service,” says David Wright, vice-president of digital analytics at Sun Trust. “For us, this means finding a way to continually refine our clients’ online experiences.”

By combining Adobe Test&Target with Adobe SiteCatalyst, Sun Trust found that a particular product page yielded credit card applications lower than expected. By testing whether the call to action was effective, Sun Trust made appropriate changes and improved conversions by 47%.

Sun Trust also used Test&Target to help identify specific audiences. Rather than display the same content for all customers, Sun Trust sent one message to potential customers (e.g., how to open a checking account), and another to existing customers (e.g., signing up for online bill pay or credit cards). “By customizing banner images and measuring the most effective campaign,” Wright says, “we saw a 50% lift in the click-through rate.”

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