The largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland believes testing is the key to optimizing business via the web.

Swisscom AG continually tests and retests webpages using the Adobe Target solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud. Always striving to deliver the best possible customer experience, no detail is too small for modification. In fact, by using multiple solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud, Swisscom meticulously measures, monitors, and analyzes every step each visitor makes—from the online marketing channel that brought them to Swisscom through each of the company’s online stores.

“Seemingly small differences in wording or design can increase sales, applications, or requests by more than 100%,” says Klaus Völk, senior consultant at webalyse marketing & consulting GmbH.

Volk advises Swisscom on A/B testing, in which randomly selected visitors are shown different versions of web pages. Each visitor’s behavior is tracked using Adobe SiteCatalyst and experiences are tested with Adobe Target. For instance, when use of the search function at Swisscom’s Internet portal,, began to decline, Swisscom compared the existing page with three alternatives. Tests revealed that separating the search function from a nearby weather app and adding white space around the search field increased click-throughs 43.2%.

Similarly, Swisscom tested the teaser in the middle of the homepage. In about one day, 675,000 visitors were shown one of three versions: the current version of a general interest recommendation with a photo; TV listings with images from current programming; and a list of news headlines. The headline variations resulted in a 290% increase in clicks over the current version.

The seamless integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager, means tests can be configured and activated within the content management system in just minutes. Plus, by using tools such as Adobe Genesis, Swisscom can view and optimize campaign and conversion performance using a variety of third-party online marketing applications.

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