A recent blog by my colleague Drew Burns talked about the value of easily setting up an effective test while cautioning against the risks of using an oversimplified optimization tool. While this may seem like a contradiction at first, it’s sage advice—and we’re committed to giving customers ease of use while retaining the power and flexibility that is the trademark of Adobe Target.

Traditionally, digital marketers have had to choose between an oversimplified interface that’s easy for non-technical users and a more robust solution that requires more of a learning curve. Some companies even use two optimization tools—one for straightforward A/B testing and image swaps, and another in cases where heavier lifting is required. This is obviously not a good way to build an efficient optimization program; also, lack of integration makes it difficult to “connect the dots” between what essentially becomes two digital marketing silos with data sets that don’t line up.

But what if you could get the best of both worlds—the ability to compose an experience with just a point and a click, as well as deep targeting functionality with the ability to leverage more data and insights—in a single optimization solution? If you’ve been using a simplified interface but wish it could go deeper, or if your optimization tool has the functionality you need but you’re at the mercy of IT development cycles to make changes to your code, your needs may soon be addressed.

Figuring out the right approaches to targeting takes time, multiple tests and the freedom to use whatever data sources will be most valuable. If your optimization efforts are being hampered by complex code implementations, limited functionality or insufficient data, it’s time for a change. And, as always, we’re working hard to deliver it.