Hello. My name is Adam Justis. I’m pleased to begin post­ing on the Omni­ture blog as the prod­uct mar­ket­ing man­ager respon­si­ble for Omniture’s Test&Target prod­ucts. I’ll be post­ing reg­u­larly on updates to our prod­ucts and some of the cool things our cus­tomers are accom­plish­ing with them.

Today I’d like to present the excit­ing news that Test&Target now enables online mar­keters to mea­sure and com­pare vis­i­tor engage­ment met­rics for test­ing and tar­get­ing cam­paigns. Hav­ing spent a few years as a prod­uct and mon­e­ti­za­tion man­ager sup­port­ing sev­eral chan­nels within MSN, I’m well aware how valu­able engage­ment mea­sure­ment can be, par­tic­u­larly for pub­lish­ers and other con­tent own­ers with more open-ended, non-transactional def­i­n­i­tions of con­ver­sion. These met­rics will allow mar­keters to cap­ture tan­gi­ble data about the cus­tomer impact of their mar­ket­ing efforts when suc­cess isn’t always a con­firmed trans­ac­tion or a com­pleted form.
The new met­rics are now live within the Test&Target appli­ca­tion and allow users to measure:

  • Page Count Per Site Visit
  • Time on Site Per Visit
  • Visit Score — this is deter­mined by aggre­gat­ing marketer-defined “scores” that are asso­ci­ated with dif­fer­ent con­tent ele­ments served dur­ing a visitor’s ses­sion. For exam­ple, a mar­keter may assign a score of 1.0 to a land­ing page and a score of 0.10 to an arti­cle page. When a user starts his visit on that land­ing page and then vis­its two arti­cle pages, that session’s aggre­gate score equals: 1.20. Scores for indi­vid­ual ele­ments are set by the Test&Target customer.

TechTar­get and bizjour­nals, both content-rich and largely ad-supported sites, are two Omni­ture cus­tomers who have been employ­ing the new engage­ment met­rics to bet­ter under­stand how updates to their sites impact vis­i­tor behavior.

TechTar­get is work­ing to deter­mine the effect on engage­ment of expos­ing vs. hid­ing a sec­ondary nav­i­ga­tion bar on its net­work of sites which include Search​CIO​.com, Search​Data​Man​age​ment​.com and Search​Net​work​ing​.com (see screen­shots below).

The control version displays a primary navigation bar

The con­trol ver­sion dis­plays a pri­mary nav­i­ga­tion bar

TechTarget is testing the impact of a secondary navigation bar

TechTar­get is test­ing the impact of a sec­ondary nav­i­ga­tion bar

TechTar­get found that show­ing a sec­ondary nav­i­ga­tion bar yielded a 4% increase in the aver­age num­ber of pages for vis­i­tors from Yahoo. And while the TechTar­get team hasn’t wrapped up these tests yet, so far they’ve also been able to eas­ily see how dif­fer­ent seg­ments of users are inter­act­ing dif­fer­ently with their net­work sites which has pro­vided lots of food for thought for future tests. That feeds right into one of my mantras — we can always learn some­thing from EVERY test, so Always Be Test­ing!
TechTarget’s Renee Thomp­son also notes that “For a media com­pany, being able to mea­sure by engage­ment is crit­i­cal. In the past we would have to man­u­ally cross-reference cam­paign data with ana­lyt­ics data in order to deter­mine down­stream effects such as page views, but now that it’s all con­tained within Test&Target, it not only makes the process much eas­ier, but it allows for a more com­plete and reli­able look at the data.“
Our friends over at bizjour­nals are test­ing how dif­fer­ent treat­ments of the “Lat­est News” results page on many of their local sites influ­ence total num­ber of pages viewed per session.

bizjournals is testing different treatments of its “Latest News” results, such as displaying it with or without underlining and testing other variations in font size, color and columns.

bizjour­nals is test­ing dif­fer­ent treat­ments of its “Lat­est News” results, such as dis­play­ing it with or with­out under­lin­ing and test­ing other vari­a­tions in font size, color and columns.

We’re focused on find­ing ways to deepen engage­ment as it indi­cates a more loyal user base and cre­ates more ad inven­tory. Page Count is a crit­i­cal engage­ment met­ric to influ­ence for the sus­tained growth of our busi­ness,” shares Susan Hunt­ing­ton of bizjour­nals. “We’re still test­ing opti­mal ‘Lat­est News’ treat­ments and deriv­ing results. We’re con­stantly learn­ing through­out the process, as we try to take our insights from each test­ing iter­a­tion and use them as a cat­a­lyst for new tests.”

I’ll keep you posted on other inter­est­ing ways our cus­tomers are putting these new met­rics to use. I’d also love to hear about your expe­ri­ences with the new release so feel free to com­ment here or email me directly at ajustis at omni​ture​.com.

Adam Justis
Adam Justis

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