We recently released a new version of Omniture SiteSearch. This release was really focused on giving the marketer even more control over turning site search functions into powerful marketing features. Here are some of the new features now offered by SiteSearch:

  • Result Pinning – Helps marketers easily control the placement of results to promote or highlight particular content by “pinning” a particular search result to a specific spot in a results list (e.g. so it always shows up as No. 1) using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • “Did You Mean?” – offers searchers a list of suggestions if they misspell a word or enter an ambiguous search term. This dramatically helps to reduce null results, engages visitors faster through increased relevance and gives marketers increased control over the path visitors take through search
  • Faster Micro Updates – near real-time incremental indexing of content ensures site visitors stay up-to-date with latest and current information. This is particularly important on sites featuring frequently updated content such as news publishers and media sites
  • AutoComplete – provides site visitors with real-time search term suggestions within the search box as they type

In particular, the Result Pinning capability has been very popular with our customers as it allows them to prioritize the results page based on their KPIs or other objectives.

Example of Results Pinning drag-and-drop interface

Example of Results Pinning drag-and-drop interface

Vandy Paseur at Sign on San Diego, which is the San Diego Union-Tribune’s online arm and one of our beta customers for this release, is especially interested in the Faster Micro Updates feature. “Our loyal readers come to our site regularly to get the latest breaking news updates,” she said. “Being able to index our content in real-time will ensure our readers are up-to-date on news as it happens.”

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep you posted on any other interesting tidbits from the latest release. I’d love to hear other customers’ feedback about our new features. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think so far or email me directly at klindsay@omniture.com.