It may be the mid­dle of sum­mer, but online retail­ers are already think­ing ahead to the hol­i­day sea­son and how to drive sales. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that Adobe Media Opti­mizer is the first to the mar­ket with its sup­port for Prod­uct Ads (cur­rently avail­able only in the United States) on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Prod­uct Ads are an excit­ing new search ad for­mat offered to U.S. retail adver­tis­ers. Prod­uct Ads pull inven­tory from an advertiser’s prod­uct feed to deliver images, pro­mo­tions and other details in a search ad.

Credit: Microsoft Bing Ads Community Blogs and Forums

Credit: Microsoft Bing Ads Com­mu­nity Blogs and Forums

Adver­tis­ers using Adobe Media Opti­mizer for their search cam­paigns can take advan­tage of newly sup­ported fea­tures of the Bing Ads plat­form including:

  • Man­age Prod­uct Ads and Pro­mo­tions Lines
  • Man­age Prod­uct Targets
  • Report and mea­sure Prod­uct Ad and Prod­uct Tar­get per­for­mance against ROI metrics
  • View search queries that led to con­ver­sions through Prod­uct Ads
  • Algo­rith­mi­cally opti­mize bids between indi­vid­ual Prod­uct Tar­gets and the broad All Prod­uct Target
  • Cre­ate and update cam­paigns from prod­uct feeds and tem­plates using Advanced Cam­paign Man­age­ment (com­ing this quarter)

Prod­uct Ads on the Yahoo! Bing Net­work rep­re­sent another key oppor­tu­nity for retail­ers in the search engine mar­ket­ing (SEM) land­scape. With Adobe Media Opti­mizer being first to mar­ket, as it also was with Google Prod­uct List­ing Ads (PLAs), Google Enhanced Cam­paigns and Twit­ter Ads API, we’re enabling adver­tis­ers to max­i­mize their ROI by tak­ing advan­tage of new ad for­mats and channels.

If you want to find out how Adobe Media Opti­mizer can help you opti­mize Prod­uct Ads along­side your other search, social and dis­play cam­paigns, then please con­tact us. Stay tuned for more updates around Media Opti­mizer and the per­for­mance of Prod­uct Ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network.


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