Google announced today that query data will be removed from ad clicks orig­i­nat­ing from secure (SSL) searches on Google​.com.

The Adobe Media Opti­mizer team has been col­lab­o­rat­ing with Google to pre­pare for this tran­si­tion and we hope to min­i­mize the impact on SEM adver­tiser work­flows and processes. We’ve been work­ing hard to build tools to help our adver­tis­ers nav­i­gate this change to Google’s AdWords pro­gram — just like we did for Google Prod­uct List­ing Ads and Google Enhanced Cam­paigns.

Track­ing and Opti­miza­tion is Unaffected

Although we col­lect query data from ad clicks, we don’t use it to track the key­words that adver­tis­ers have in their cam­paigns. We make full use of AdWords Val­ue­Track para­me­ters to cap­ture data on every click and match them to con­ver­sions. This isn’t affected. This is the data we use to build key­word mod­els and fore­casts so our cus­tomers can find the max­i­mum return for their cam­paigns, and accu­rately fore­cast future performance.

How­ever, the lack of query data does remind us that the search mar­ket­ing land­scape is chang­ing faster than ever. That’s why we believe adver­tis­ers should be using all the pro­pri­etary data they have to gen­er­ate SEM per­for­mance. We recently announced that Adobe Ana­lyt­ics cus­tomers can use met­rics such as bounce rate and time on site to find sig­nif­i­cant addi­tional ROI with Adobe Media Optimizer.

Search Query Reporting

Google does make some search query data avail­able within AdWords and through the API. The AdWords search terms report has been avail­able from the Adobe Media Opti­mizer user inter­face for some time, and we rec­om­mend adver­tis­ers take advan­tage of that data. (From the Report­ing tab, select Cre­ate Report > Spe­cialty Reports > AdWords Search Query Report).

Bing Ads con­tin­ues to sup­ply query data, and we also rec­om­mend adver­tis­ers use that to inform the way they man­age key­words, match types and neg­a­tives on Google AdWords. Again, that data is avail­able from the Adobe Media Opti­mizer UI. (From the Report­ing tab, select Cre­ate Report > Advanced Reports > Search Term Report. Use the search engine fil­ter to restrict the data to Bing).

Intel­li­gent Key­word Management

Adver­tis­ers will now need to work harder and smarter to build out and prune the key­words in their cam­paigns. To help that process, we’re build­ing tools to help our cus­tomers cre­ate more intel­li­gent exact match key­words and neg­a­tives. We’ll be releas­ing more details over the next few weeks.

The Adobe Media Opti­mizer team is com­mit­ted to sup­port­ing our cus­tomers with prod­uct inno­va­tions and best prac­tice advice so they can con­tinue imple­ment­ing suc­cess­ful paid search campaigns. Adobe cus­tomers should con­tact their account man­ager with any questions.