Fresh off of the Thanksgiving holiday, with my belt somehow fitting a bit more snugly than it did a week ago, the thought of “bulking up” is certainly on my mind. But with the Holiday season now in full swing, waistlines aren’t the only thing bulking up. For many of the marketers I work with, these thirty-eight days between Thanksgiving and New Years are far and away the most critical five-and-a-half weeks all year for their businesses, and bulking up their paid search marketing is vital to their Holiday success. This includes bulking up their overall search spend, bulking up the number of keywords they are targeting for greater reach, and bulking up the sheer volume of man-hours and active management they put into their PPC campaigns.

In an effort to make this heightened level of campaign management even easier than in years past, we here at the Omniture Business Unit of Adobe released version 3.7 of SearchCenter+ several weeks ago, and the primary focus of that release was an overhaul of our existing bulk management system. From a high level, the primary enhancements provided in the new system include:

  • New file formats… no more “kitchen sink” – export just the information you want
    • Smaller file sizes, easier to manage, quicker to import and export
    • Simplified ad editing workflow (no more copy, paste, edit the new ad, mark the old ad as “deleted”… blah!)
    • No harm in removing or adding in additional columns (this is made possible by the inclusion of the new [SearchCenter] “ID” field in the first column of all bulk files, which clients should simply leave untouched)
  • Ability to re-download previous exports – no need to recreate common file requests from scratch each time you need to make changes
  • Interface-based importing – no more FTP interactions required for users
  • Import/Export Management log detailing all interactions with the bulk management system, including the ability for one user to make and upload changes and another user to review and approve the upload
  • Automatic error checking and file validation – be informed immediately if there are any editorial or other common errors in your bulk files
    • Detailed import summary outlining how much was uploaded, which elements were successfully uploaded, and which elements encountered errors
    • Automatic re-export of a file with any uploaded account elements that have errors associated with them so you can immediately address errors and get your campaign changes live on the search engines faster than ever before
  • Upload scheduling – giving marketers unprecedented flexibility as to when queued campaign changes will be pushed to the search engines, meaning no more staying up and logging into your account at 11:55pm or stepping away from a Sunday family gathering to simply push “go” on queued up campaign creative changes.

We’re very excited about all that this new system enables our users to do in managing their large PPC campaigns, especially at this busy time of the year. But even with as great as the new functionality is, we realize there are still times when certain of your team members or your search engine reps themselves choose to go in and make campaign management changes directly in the AdWords or adCenter interfaces – and that’s okay. SearchCenter+ continues to allow you to make changes wherever you deem appropriate, supplying bi-directional synchronization functionality that gives you the flexibility to manage your SEM initiatives the way you want to.

If you haven’t given this newest version of SearchCenter+ a test drive, ‘tis the season!

Like what you see in the new version? Have ideas for future product enhancements? Would love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments below or tell us about your ideas at