It’s not easy mak­ing money from a ser­vice that is largely pro­vided for free, but Avito has found a way to do it, with a lit­tle help from Adobe AdLens for Search.

Founded in 2008, Avito​.ru is the largest clas­si­fied ad web­site in Rus­sia. Peo­ple can sell cars, clothes, elec­tron­ics, pets, and other items free. For a fee, small com­pa­nies can sell their prod­ucts and ser­vices. The com­pany has also begun sell­ing ad space.

Avito part­nered with iCon­Text, a search engine opti­miza­tion con­sul­tant, to reduce its cost per acqui­si­tion while dri­ving traf­fic to the right areas of the web­site. As a prod­uct within the Adobe Media Opti­mizer solu­tion within Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, Adobe AdLens for Search helps mon­i­tor and fore­cast search engine mar­ket­ing (SEM). iCon­Text uses AdLens to fine tune con­tex­tual searches with key­word per­for­mance mod­el­ing. Instead of always pay­ing top dol­lar for gen­eral search terms, Avito can use equally or more effec­tive, but less expen­sive, pop­u­lar terms.

AdLens stan­dard­izes all the data and pulls together reports with the exact seg­men­ta­tion and track­ing data that we want. Avito has pre­cise SEM strate­gies and AdLens gives us the vis­i­bil­ity and flex­i­bil­ity we need to make them work,” says Tim Putint­sev, busi­ness devel­op­ment direc­tor at iCon­Text. “With AdLens, we changed more than 600,000 bids in 30 days to opti­mize key­word spend­ing, dri­ving con­ver­sions up by 50% and cut­ting the aver­age cost per order by 25%.”

Jonas Nord­lan­der, Avito’s co-founder, says he hopes refined SEM will con­tinue to expand aware­ness of both Avito and the value of online clas­si­fied ads. Cur­rently, more than 6 mil­lion new items are added every month by over 3 mil­lion users. Over­all, in excess of 10 mil­lion peo­ple have already listed items for sale on Avito​.ru. Dis­cover how Avito accom­plished its goals by click­ing here: http://​adobe​.ly/​X​W​4​mnw