“Content is king” is a phrase deeply embedded in the typical search marketer’s psyche. It’s defining what constitutes great content that can get a bit perplexing at times. I recently stumbled onto an article by WordStream’s Elisa Gabbert that offers what I believe to be great practical advice for defining and maximizing great content. The only question is, are you willing and able?

Gabbert’s list of best content practices defines eight “ables” that create a paradigm for great content. Many of the “ables” fall into the category of common SEO best practices, such as creating findable content; others may catch you by surprise. Personally, I love that she included “reportable” in the mix because it adds a sense of relevancy to the site that, in turn, fosters relevant organic search results.

Gabbert begins the article by simply defining content as “information,” a clever move that serves to distribute the weight of Web content away from outlandish expectations such as having the best articles, campaign, or marketing strategy, to a more holistic frame of a little of this and a little of that. By simply examining your company’s goals, you will undoubtedly come up with a successful “able” strategy.

When combined with technologies, processes, and formulas, Gabbert’s “ables” can easily be taken to the next level. The definition of great content would then grow to include content that meets best practices at scale. This means creating a platform or a process for near-automated or user-generated content that fits within these best practices.

LinkedIn and Zazzle are two sites that are doing a great job of leveraging the “ables” at scale. LinkedIn is one of the top platforms for sharable content and has opened groups and user-generated content to Google. Zazzle appears to be taking a highly optimized and data-driven approach to formulaically create categories and taxonomies based on user interactions with the site. If there was an award for best site architecture for user-generated content and SEO, this site would get it. They have an incredible number of user-generated pages indexed!

Companies that combine great SEO fundamentals, site architecture, and also leverage their domain authority effectively are in the best position to get the most out of their quality content. Quality content is useless if it cannot be found, so we can’t just rely on quality content alone.

Content and the art of being “able” is really a matter of finding what works for you and leveraging it to the fullest. Are there any websites that you know are using “ables” to the fullest? Any “ables” that you think should’ve made the cut? Let me know! Meanwhile, I’ve got dibs on “scalable.”