Face­book teamed up with Microsoft’s Bing to cre­ate Graph Search, a func­tion that lets Face­book users search beyond their past scope and into the realm of the Web out­side the social media site. The UK’s Mar­ket­ing Week dis­cusses the new Graph Search in a blog about its recent release.

In a blog enti­tled “What Does Social Mean?” I talk about the over­lap that occurs between mar­ket­ing domains. An over­lap that is espe­cially preva­lent in social media. Facebook’s Graph search is a prime exam­ple of this overlap.

Mar­ket­ing Week con­firms Facebook’s inten­tions to incor­po­rate new busi­ness and ad oppor­tu­ni­ties into Graph Search. This will fur­ther blur the lines between social, brand, and search mar­ket­ing. Mar­keters will have to adjust and reeval­u­ate how they allot mar­ket­ing duties and split up their mar­ket­ing teams. Still, this oppor­tu­nity is an excit­ing one for mar­keters on every front.