Optimized search engine marketing (SEM) plays a large role in the ongoing success of Berlin-based online furniture retailer FASHION FOR HOME. To help manage more than 3 million keywords and optimize customer experiences regardless of online campaign or user device, FASHION FOR HOME uses Adobe Media Optimizer for Search within Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The automated keyword bidding function in Adobe Media Optimizer uses sophisticated algorithms to enhance the value of paid keyword SEM. When FASHION FOR HOME compared Adobe Media Optimizer with a competing product, the Adobe solution produced superior results across critical key performance indicators, including higher sales volume per unit cost.

“The campaigns supported by Adobe Media Optimizer show significantly better efficiencies,” says Florian Geyer, head of SEM at FURNITURE FOR HOME. “Compared to using competing solutions to manage campaigns, Adobe Media Optimizer delivered long-term efficiencies. Overall, the long-term difference showed a relevant uplift.”

FURNITURE FOR HOME also uses many other capabilities in Adobe Media Optimizer, including reporting, simulations, and model calculations, to determine the best offers for its customers. Learn more how FASHION FOR HOME’s search advertising strategy is paying off: http://adobe.ly/13nxcUo.