Google is tak­ing its paid search model – which dri­ves the major­ity of the company’s rev­enue– and repli­cat­ing it for YouTube, the site Google pur­chased in 2007.

Google AdWords for Video, announced April 22, allows adver­tis­ers to bid for ad posi­tion­ing on YouTube, and adver­tis­ers are only charged when a viewer chooses, or clicks, to view the ad (Cost-Per-Click). This dif­fers from the orig­i­nal model, where adver­tis­ers were charged on a Cost-Per-thousand impres­sions (CPM).

Those who man­age search engine cam­paigns in Google AdWords will be famil­iar with the AdWords for Video inter­face, because they will be able to cre­ate and man­age video cam­paigns from the same plat­form as their search and dis­play ads.

AdWords for Video pro­vides the met­rics and data analy­sis to help adver­tis­ers iden­tify which view­ers respond best to their con­tent, such as how long they watch the video or whether they are enticed by a par­tic­u­lar Call-to-Action. Adver­tis­ers can also drive traf­fic from YouTube to their own site with a link over­lay­ing the video, known as  Call-to-Action Overlays.

Video adver­tis­ers can choose between four ad for­mats called TrueView:

  1. True­View In-search: ads appear on the YouTube & Google search pages
  2. True­View In-display: Ads appear next to videos on the YouTube watch page. They also appear on a col­lec­tion of thou­sands of sites that have part­nered with YouTube and Google.
  3. True­View In-stream: Ads play as a pre-, mid-, or post-roll on YouTube part­ner videos of all lengths.
  4. True­View In-slate: Ads play before long-form YouTube part­ner videos over 10 minutes.

Here’s Google’s promo video posted the day the ser­vice was launched.

I’d love to hear what your expe­ri­ence has been using the new AdWords for Video. Leave a com­ment and tell me how you like it.


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