Google is taking its paid search model – which drives the majority of the company’s revenue– and replicating it for YouTube, the site Google purchased in 2007.

Google AdWords for Video, announced April 22, allows advertisers to bid for ad positioning on YouTube, and advertisers are only charged when a viewer chooses, or clicks, to view the ad (Cost-Per-Click). This differs from the original model, where advertisers were charged on a Cost-Per-thousand impressions (CPM).

Those who manage search engine campaigns in Google AdWords will be familiar with the AdWords for Video interface, because they will be able to create and manage video campaigns from the same platform as their search and display ads.

AdWords for Video provides the metrics and data analysis to help advertisers identify which viewers respond best to their content, such as how long they watch the video or whether they are enticed by a particular Call-to-Action. Advertisers can also drive traffic from YouTube to their own site with a link overlaying the video, known as  Call-to-Action Overlays.

Video advertisers can choose between four ad formats called TrueView:

  1. TrueView In-search: ads appear on the YouTube & Google search pages
  2. TrueView In-display: Ads appear next to videos on the YouTube watch page. They also appear on a collection of thousands of sites that have partnered with YouTube and Google.
  3. TrueView In-stream: Ads play as a pre-, mid-, or post-roll on YouTube partner videos of all lengths.
  4. TrueView In-slate: Ads play before long-form YouTube partner videos over 10 minutes.

Here’s Google’s promo video posted the day the service was launched.

I’d love to hear what your experience has been using the new AdWords for Video. Leave a comment and tell me how you like it.


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