Nor­ran El-Shinnawya wrote a blog titled “3 PPC Ad Tips Inspired by Infomer­cials.” In the blog, she dis­cusses how infomer­cial tac­tics trans­late into pay per click (PPC) mar­ket­ing. The tips she gives are (1) make the prod­uct look easy to use, (2) make the con­sumer see the product’s value, and (3) be clear. These tips are use­ful for dis­play, search, and social marketers.

Good ads make it easy for cus­tomers to take action. A good ad shows the product’s value and not just an overview of its fea­tures. A decent ad may say what a prod­uct can do, but a great ad will say what a prod­uct can do for you—and will do so clearly. I’ve always hated ads that make it dif­fi­cult for a cus­tomer to take action. Search mar­keters should bor­row some tips from infomer­cial pros. As I’ve said before—search, like infomer­cials, is a form of direct response marketing.