Norran El-Shinnawya wrote a blog titled “3 PPC Ad Tips Inspired by Infomercials.” In the blog, she discusses how infomercial tactics translate into pay per click (PPC) marketing. The tips she gives are (1) make the product look easy to use, (2) make the consumer see the product’s value, and (3) be clear. These tips are useful for display, search, and social marketers.

Good ads make it easy for customers to take action. A good ad shows the product’s value and not just an overview of its features. A decent ad may say what a product can do, but a great ad will say what a product can do for you—and will do so clearly. I’ve always hated ads that make it difficult for a customer to take action. Search marketers should borrow some tips from infomercial pros. As I’ve said before—search, like infomercials, is a form of direct response marketing.