In one of my most recent blogs I talk about search marketing as a type of direct response marketing. It’s clear that search is a form of direct response marketing, but as search expands, so do the capabilities for direct response marketing. With the growth of mobile search, search marketing is becoming even more direct and prompt. This infographic offers plenty of statistics that evidence that mobile search drives immediate action. The statistics make sense.

Mobile search allows users to take action when they most want to—when they are on the go. Plus, mobile search allows users a more intimate and customized experience. A mobile device is a very personal device. Mobile users are less likely to waste time on actionless searches, for it’s unlikely they are simply browsing the Internet and more likely they are looking for something specific. This opens up an opportunity for direct response marketing and allows this tactic to be more effective. As mobile search expands, users will be able to form a more direct relationship between themselves and the things they want—and that’s great for marketers.