One of the most interesting developments in the Internet space is…

…something that hasn’t happened.

Despite 10+ years of constant growth in online marketing and e-commerce, no overall platforms have emerged to serve the needs companies have in the key areas of web analytics, campaign management, conversion optimization and associated enterprise integration.

There are a number of reasons for this, in my opinion:

1) New territory tends to be exploited by specialists first;
2) VC firms see 1-2 years ahead, not 5-10;
3) vendor consolidation occurs primarily during economic down cycles

Today, however, we have an Internet landscape ripe for the emergence of a few key platform vendors. Most companies who are active in online marketing and e-commerce have more vendors than they can effectively manage; VC firms as of now are no longer the primary financier of new technologies; and if you haven’t noticed, this qualifies as an economic down cycle to say the least.

If you have any interest at all in the multi-billion dollar market for online marketing solutions, and if finding a strategic partner for your online business optimization needs is of strategic importance to you, I’d like to invite you to attend a 3-hour seminar on the being hosted by Omniture next week in Dallas, Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, and mid-November in Atlanta, Chicago and New York.

Details and registration page. Dates/Locations are:

Dallas – Tuesday 10/14
L.A. – Wednesday 10/15
SF – Thursday 10/16

Atlanta – Tuesday 11/18
NYC – Wednesday 11/19
Chicago – Thursday 11/20

[All seminars are 8:30-11:45am]

Come to see Omniture in a city near you and dare to believe that the online business optimization suite you need exists.


it would be great if there are similar seminar held in Hong Kong, Asia.