Remem­ber when we used to actu­ally watch com­mer­cials?  As an exper­i­ment some­time, take an extra few min­utes to not skip the com­mer­cials of your favorite TV show.  You might be sur­prised by how many are not rel­e­vant to you.

Search engines have raised our expec­ta­tions.  When I enter a search into Google, I expect results to be rel­e­vant to me. I’m not the per­son who does the gro­cery shop­ping in my fam­ily– so the ads for dish soap are wasted on me.

This may sound sim­plis­tic, but it illus­trates the chal­lenge of mar­ket­ing today: all too often, adver­tise­ments just aren’t rel­e­vant to the user. Mar­keters, and espe­cially search engine mar­keters, have the man­date to use the power of the inter­net to more pre­cisely answer the ques­tions our audi­ence has — even when they aren’t sure how to ask.

Meet­ing this chal­lenge is eas­ier when you remem­ber that when it comes to search engine mar­ket­ing, users are “hand-raisers.” They’re telling you what they want. The more you lis­ten, the more you will learn from them.

The sub­se­quent posts of this blog will focus on some of the nitty-gritty details of online mar­ket­ing with Omni­ture, espe­cially search engine mar­ket­ing, and how to take these mar­ket­ing tac­tics to the next level of effectiveness.