To quote Danny Sullivan, “I’ve found it annoying that over the years more and more people use SEM to mean paid search, as if SEM excludes SEO.”  


At Adobe, we absolutely agree.  Organic and paid listings together gives search marketers the ability to develop strategies for paid listings based on the changes in owned or competitive organic activity.


Today, Adobe announced the integration of enhanced organic search data within Adobe SearchCenter +, powered by Omniture.  We’ve always had a view of organic activity, but now search marketers can see organic and paid volume side by side along with revenue, rank and other key metrics which help define rank or bid strategies based on ROI or other critical business decisions.


Through an important relationship with Conductor and their Searchlight product, our customers can now define keywords and competitors which they want to monitor and pull into SearchCenter + using Adobe Genesis and Conductors SEO Cloud.  They can also, push important Adobe SiteCatalyst metrics out to Searchlight to integrate their site metrics with their organic management tools.


Together, we provide a seamless integration of data along with the powerful measurement, management and optimization functionality within SearchCenter + to allow our customers to maximize the value of their complete SEM campaigns.


Many of our customers have been managing this process manually by pulling separate sets of data and merging.  Now, they can easily access the compiled data and take action upon it in several different scenarios, such as:

1.       Maintaining the top position for brand terms across paid and organic

2.       Automatically increase bids for paid keywords when competitors gain a higher organic rank

3.       Automatically decrease bids for paid keywords when you achieve a high organic rank

4.       Optimize bids to achieve a calculated “total conversions” metric

5.       Test scenarios to define the most efficient balance of paid and organic rank

The ability to deliver a complete SEM solution to our customers is important for their businesses.  And at Adobe, we will continue to innovate within the Advertising Optimization category to build products which help our customers in new ways.

Mat Daemon
Mat Daemon

That's a great feature to compare organic vs paid on a keyword level! It helps a lot to increase and decrease bids from a single report Is there any way to see a graph that breaks down visits to: Paid, Organic, Referrals over date? That would be very useful! Check this picture if my description does not make any sense :