As I type this I am sitting in an airplane, returning from meetings with customers and agency partners in Japan. Having recently completed my first year as the SearchCenter Product Manager, this eleven hour flight provides a lot of time to sit and reflect on progress made over the course of that year. The product has improved in so many ways:

  • During this past year we completed the integration with Test&Target to offer users landing page optimization capabilities directly tied to their SearchCenter-managed campaigns.
  • We began reporting on and allowing optimization around quality score.
  • Significant and ongoing improvements have been made to platform speed and performance.
  • Early this year we introduced full search query performance reporting for all search engines and built a keyword suggestion tool upon the insights that data provides.
  • In collaboration with the Omniture Consulting team, we have massively enhanced our bid management functionality, now allowing for advanced bid triggers, plug-and-play bid automation templates, cross-engine bid strategies, and much more.
  • Numerous improvements were made to the application’s UI to facilitate easier management of accounts and analysis of performance data.
  • And now, through our most recent product release, we are excited to now offer users the ability to manage and measure all their Facebook ads.

In addition to the feature/functionality advancements SearchCenter has seen, we have also taken many other steps forward in building out our organization to provide for the needs of our users. Most notably, we recently released an official SearchCenter certification program. Powered by the continued growth of the SEM portion of our business, we also markedly increased our services and support team.

The improvements we’ve seen in SearchCenter have come about in a very direct way from feedback received from users, like those I’ve just spent a week with in Tokyo, as well as the hundreds of others in cities and countries worldwide that have openly and honestly shared with us their business challenges and needs with us. We view this feedback as the most critical factor in our current, and future, success.

As I commence my second year on the Omniture Product team, I am downright giddy about the future of SearchCenter. There are many more exciting features we can’t wait to get into the hands of our customers. There are numerous best practices, product tips, and hidden gems already existing in the application today that I want to ensure are highlighted so every Omniture user can receive the most value from their investment with our platform. And through this blog that is exactly what I hope to share with you in the days and months ahead.

I love search marketing! And I love what SearchCenter can do to empower online marketers.

Now that my plane has landed and I am making my way to through the terminal, I hear a public address announcement, and I’m smile. Though I’ve heard these words countless times before, they now hold a deeper meaning for me. Not only my luggage – but my job, my thoughts, this blog, and my life in general… are all “subject to search.”