I’ve been catching up on my Mad Men episodes lately. Watching reminds me of the lengths advertisers will go to to create something memorable that will stick in the mind of the customer so that when a word or phrase is spoken, the brand immediately comes to mind. The marketing apple does not fall far from tree as generations come and go.  As an example, we refer to search marketing as keyword-driven marketing and aim that our brand messages are accessible and relevant at the moment prospects raise their hand via a search query. We have come to describe the process of marketing in the digital world as having the DNA in our system or process, which in turn gives us the understanding and knowledge of how to do it.

Now DNA being a medical term has limited meaning in marketing. It brings to mind a surging torrent of twisted pairs of social media channels that serve as the blood vessels of the Internet. Or, mapping your website source code and architecture (the DNA) to the most prevalent search marketing or media algorithms. I created a facsimile of twisted pairs, and the overwhelming complexity of that stopped me at four channels. There are well over 240 social media sites alone with search engines and corporate and privately owned websites creating a virtual flood of DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid.


Search marketing and SEO is not a mystery nor is it toxic like an acid. However, like the actual DNA strands, it has also been well mapped and documented as  Moz Search Ranking Factors, On-Page SEO best practices, and linking best practices all demonstrate. I happen to specialize in SEO and online marketing, and SEO represents a value to both the customer and the marketer. For the marketer, doing SEO right, along with a mutually supportive content marketing effort gets your products in front of the people that want to buy them. For customers, brands that do SEO well make it simple to find a product when they go online to search for it with a search engine or go on Facebook to find the Facebook brand page with links to that product.

There is no DNA required or wanted. Search marketing and SEO is a simplification technique for connecting with customers at their moment of interest and with relevant information, providing answers to questions and the opportunity to purchase products easily and directly regardless of the screen they are using, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. There is no complexity there from the customer’s point of view. They can log on, type Adobe Creative Cloud into their favorite search engine, and if we have done our job right, the first hit on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) is the Adobe website personalized to our Creative Cloud subscription offering.

In my next post, we will start on a series of articles to introduce enterprise SEO concepts and their global impact. As I mentioned in a previous post, we work hard to deliver simple, straightforward solutions to the customer. What is under the hood is important in getting customers to trust our brand because, as you will see, we take no shortcuts and we do not cook up fancy metaphors to represent the plain truth. That has a name in the digital world by the way … WYSIWYG. You will not see fancy metaphors in our content, just the plain truth.