It happens several times a year. Usually late on a Thursday evening. Always much anticipated. Sprinkled with excitement and stress. Tonight is one of those nights… We’re releasing a new version of SearchCenter! Version 3.6.1, which went live to all customers today, enhances several of the key features we introduced a couple of months ago in version 3.6 as well as introduces some exciting new functionality.

Bid Automation for Facebook Ads

On the heels of releasing full support for managing and reporting on the performance of Facebook ads back in May, today’s release enhances that offering by now allowing users to apply bid automation algorithms to all Facebook ads. Whether it be optimizing on overall click traffic coming from these ads, focusing on raising conversion volumes, or driving toward a target CPA, SearchCenter+ can now automate your bid management strategies on Facebook.

Bid Automation for Placements

In addition to extending bid automation to Facebook ads, this newest version of SearchCenter+ also allows users to apply bidding strategies to their Google Display Network (f.k.a. Google Content Network) targeted placements to more effectively reach performance goals on their contextually based advertising programs.

Image Ad Support

Further enhancing our support of contextual advertising, version 3.6.1 of SearchCenter+ now supports the import, creation, management, and tracking of image ads on the Google Display Network. Images for these ads can come in several sizes and formats, and when properly targeted can be a great addition to well-run contextual advertising campaigns.

Hierarchy Reports

For users that want to get a more complete view of their entire SEM portfolio in a single report, we are now offering a series of “Hierarchy” reports that show users the entire breadcrumb, identifying the location where certain elements exist within their account structure. For example, let’s say you have the keyword bacon-flavored chocolate in both a Google and a Bing campaign. Previously, using the regular Keyword report, the keyword bacon-flavored chocolate would have shown as a single entry with data from both search engines aggregated together and if you wanted to distinguish between performances you’d have to break the report down by Search Engine. With the new Keyword Hierarchy report, you can now see each individual instance of the keyword along with the search engine account, campaign, and ad group in which it resides all in a single line item, no breakdowns necessary.

Adobe Branding

Finally, as users log into the new version of SearchCenter+ they will see the new Adobe branding for all products. Now formally known as Adobe® SearchCenter+, powered by Omniture®, it’s still the same great product… and getting better every day!

Like what you see in the new version? Have ideas for future product enhancements? Would love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments below or tell us about your ideas at