It hap­pens sev­eral times a year. Usu­ally late on a Thurs­day evening. Always much antic­i­pated. Sprin­kled with excite­ment and stress. Tonight is one of those nights… We’re releas­ing a new ver­sion of Search­Cen­ter! Ver­sion 3.6.1, which went live to all cus­tomers today, enhances sev­eral of the key fea­tures we intro­duced a cou­ple of months ago in ver­sion 3.6 as well as intro­duces some excit­ing new functionality.

Bid Automa­tion for Face­book Ads

On the heels of releas­ing full sup­port for man­ag­ing and report­ing on the per­for­mance of Face­book ads back in May, today’s release enhances that offer­ing by now allow­ing users to apply bid automa­tion algo­rithms to all Face­book ads. Whether it be opti­miz­ing on over­all click traf­fic com­ing from these ads, focus­ing on rais­ing con­ver­sion vol­umes, or dri­ving toward a tar­get CPA, Search­Cen­ter+ can now auto­mate your bid man­age­ment strate­gies on Facebook.

Bid Automa­tion for Placements

In addi­tion to extend­ing bid automa­tion to Face­book ads, this newest ver­sion of Search­Cen­ter+ also allows users to apply bid­ding strate­gies to their Google Dis­play Net­work (f.k.a. Google Con­tent Net­work) tar­geted place­ments to more effec­tively reach per­for­mance goals on their con­tex­tu­ally based adver­tis­ing programs.

Image Ad Support

Fur­ther enhanc­ing our sup­port of con­tex­tual adver­tis­ing, ver­sion 3.6.1 of Search­Cen­ter+ now sup­ports the import, cre­ation, man­age­ment, and track­ing of image ads on the Google Dis­play Net­work. Images for these ads can come in sev­eral sizes and for­mats, and when prop­erly tar­geted can be a great addi­tion to well-run con­tex­tual adver­tis­ing campaigns.

Hier­ar­chy Reports

For users that want to get a more com­plete view of their entire SEM port­fo­lio in a sin­gle report, we are now offer­ing a series of “Hier­ar­chy” reports that show users the entire bread­crumb, iden­ti­fy­ing the loca­tion where cer­tain ele­ments exist within their account struc­ture. For exam­ple, let’s say you have the key­word bacon-flavored choco­late in both a Google and a Bing cam­paign. Pre­vi­ously, using the reg­u­lar Key­word report, the key­word bacon-flavored choco­late would have shown as a sin­gle entry with data from both search engines aggre­gated together and if you wanted to dis­tin­guish between per­for­mances you’d have to break the report down by Search Engine. With the new Key­word Hier­ar­chy report, you can now see each indi­vid­ual instance of the key­word along with the search engine account, cam­paign, and ad group in which it resides all in a sin­gle line item, no break­downs necessary.

Adobe Brand­ing

Finally, as users log into the new ver­sion of Search­Cen­ter+ they will see the new Adobe brand­ing for all prod­ucts. Now for­mally known as Adobe® Search­Cen­ter+, pow­ered by Omni­ture®, it’s still the same great prod­uct… and get­ting bet­ter every day!

Like what you see in the new ver­sion? Have ideas for future prod­uct enhance­ments? Would love to hear your feed­back. Please leave com­ments below or tell us about your ideas at ideas​.omni​ture​.com.