One of my biggest pet peeves in marketing is oversaturated content. I can’t stand anything that makes it complicated for the consumer to find what they are looking for. Simple, easily actionable content always wins out. When I discussed my aversion to oversaturated content in a blog about marketing pet peeves, I was referring to digital marketing content, but it’s not just the digital domain that can benefit from simplicity.

The strategist team at Business Standard talks about the benefits of simplicity in a blog called “Keep It Simple.” They write that some brands think that “in order to position a brand as a ‘luxury’ alternative, you must provide customers with more features, perks, and options.” The idea that excess and complexity equate with luxury is unfounded. Real luxury items show customers exactly what they want. The key “is to make the right high-quality choices for these customers.” Marketers can make these choices based on reliable, aggregate data. As I’ve stated in a previous blog, a luxury service is one that provides a simple, personally catered experience.

Simplifying your content does not mean removing customer-unique features. It means the opposite. “Customizing content … is a form of simplicity because it involves winnowing information and increasing relevancy.” You can simplify your content by customizing it according to your consumers. Only use content that is relevant to your demographic. Keep your content simple; target your consumers.