What are your best prac­tices in feed­ing data to your PLAs, SEM cam­paigns, and CSEs?

Man­ag­ing prod­uct list­ing ads (PLAs) can be a daunt­ing task when you are deal­ing with hun­dreds of SKUs and huge prod­uct feeds. How­ever, as retail search mar­keters, we all know that hav­ing a pres­ence in this space is vital if you want to com­pete. From price changes to weekly pro­mo­tions, updat­ing feeds with this data can be stress­ful. Learn­ing how to man­age the process can help save time and achieve your cam­paign goals.

When it comes to com­par­i­son shop­ping engines (CSEs), how do you know where you should be spend­ing your adver­tis­ing bud­get? Based on the goals of your cam­paigns, dif­fer­ent engines can help meet some objec­tives bet­ter than oth­ers. What is the best CSE for your business?

If your goal is to increase online sales, know­ing the best places to adver­tise your prod­ucts and how to stream­line prod­uct man­age­ment data feeds are essen­tial. With the roll­out of Google’s new Shop­ping Cam­paigns, now is the time to get your feed in order and your shop­ping ads up and run­ning. How will the new fea­tures change the way you approach your strategy?

How do you get the right ROI across all these oppor­tu­ni­ties? As adver­tis­ers, we all use dif­fer­ent ad man­age­ment tools depend­ing on the client or agency need and pref­er­ence. Each ad man­age­ment tool offers a lit­tle some­thing dif­fer­ent. Here at Adobe, we use Adobe Media Opti­mizer to man­age media performance.

Join me at Adobe Sum­mit on March 24–28 in Salt Lake City to learn best prac­tices for tak­ing your prod­uct feed to the next level through the man­age­ment of PLAs. Also learn best prac­tices for set­ting up AMO port­fo­lios and how to effec­tively man­age key­word bids and cam­paign bud­gets. With the help of Adobe Media Opti­mizer, decide how to invest your mar­ket­ing bud­get across search, dis­play, and social to achieve cam­paign goals.

From PLAs and CSEs to bid and bud­get man­age­ment, learn how to take your prod­uct SKUs and turn them into suc­cess­ful search engine mar­ket­ing campaigns.