If you’re in a field like software, you know that a lot of your company’s revenue comes from resellers. When you run digital marketing campaigns, you typically only focus on your own marketing. But if you don’t do a lot of direct sales, and you deal with resellers in order to bring in a big haul of revenue, then you need to work with resellers in order to boost sales and profits of your products. There are ways to work with resellers in paid search marketing that will boost both your profits and theirs. While you won’t be able to fight the SEM fight for your resellers, you can help your resellers deliver the most powerful search marketing punches by following these four tips:

1. Share What Works

Chances are that both you and your resellers are working on similar platforms in search marketing. Share what works with your resellers so they can bring in more customers to buy your products. If you have one set of ad copy that runs really well, you might want to share it with your resellers. Help resellers figure out what keywords perform, and how to optimize their SEM.

While resellers may have great SEM campaigns, it’s likely that these campaigns are less focused on your brand than they are on selling products overall. By helping resellers with optimization, you are helping to sell your product, and not just any reseller product.

2. Consider Landing Pages

A reseller’s landing page is probably not going to feature only your product; you need to consider this when helping resellers sell it. Reseller landing pages may feature numerous products of the same type. You can try to work with resellers to customize landing pages to feature your product. Show them that too many choices can confuse customers, and that it’s important to show customers exactly what they’re looking for. Make it easy on customers by considering the types of landing pages your reseller uses.

3. Create Customized Links

In your own SEM ads and on your product pages, you can create customized links according to geolocation. This is a unique and personalized way to call the customer to action, and it makes it easy for the customer to buy. Even if you do not use geolocation, you should still have links to reseller pages if you don’t offer direct sales.

4. Give Customers a Reason to Buy

A reason to buy can be anything from a free trial to a whitepaper. If you offer a taste of your product now, customers are more likely to buy the product down the road from their reseller outlet of choice. This, coupled with customized reseller links, is an effective way to show customers the products they want, when they want them. This is a one-two punch of an offer, and most certainly an SEM knockout.

Working with resellers in search can be difficult, but if you are careful and meticulous, you’ll find that resellers are open to your assistance.