If you’re in a field like soft­ware, you know that a lot of your company’s rev­enue comes from resellers. When you run dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, you typ­i­cally only focus on your own mar­ket­ing. But if you don’t do a lot of direct sales, and you deal with resellers in order to bring in a big haul of rev­enue, then you need to work with resellers in order to boost sales and prof­its of your prod­ucts. There are ways to work with resellers in paid search mar­ket­ing that will boost both your prof­its and theirs. While you won’t be able to fight the SEM fight for your resellers, you can help your resellers deliver the most pow­er­ful search mar­ket­ing punches by fol­low­ing these four tips:

1. Share What Works

Chances are that both you and your resellers are work­ing on sim­i­lar plat­forms in search mar­ket­ing. Share what works with your resellers so they can bring in more cus­tomers to buy your prod­ucts. If you have one set of ad copy that runs really well, you might want to share it with your resellers. Help resellers fig­ure out what key­words per­form, and how to opti­mize their SEM.

While resellers may have great SEM cam­paigns, it’s likely that these cam­paigns are less focused on your brand than they are on sell­ing prod­ucts over­all. By help­ing resellers with opti­miza­tion, you are help­ing to sell your prod­uct, and not just any reseller product.

2. Con­sider Land­ing Pages

A reseller’s land­ing page is prob­a­bly not going to fea­ture only your prod­uct; you need to con­sider this when help­ing resellers sell it. Reseller land­ing pages may fea­ture numer­ous prod­ucts of the same type. You can try to work with resellers to cus­tomize land­ing pages to fea­ture your prod­uct. Show them that too many choices can con­fuse cus­tomers, and that it’s impor­tant to show cus­tomers exactly what they’re look­ing for. Make it easy on cus­tomers by con­sid­er­ing the types of land­ing pages your reseller uses.

3. Cre­ate Cus­tomized Links

In your own SEM ads and on your prod­uct pages, you can cre­ate cus­tomized links accord­ing to geolo­ca­tion. This is a unique and per­son­al­ized way to call the cus­tomer to action, and it makes it easy for the cus­tomer to buy. Even if you do not use geolo­ca­tion, you should still have links to reseller pages if you don’t offer direct sales.

4. Give Cus­tomers a Rea­son to Buy

A rea­son to buy can be any­thing from a free trial to a whitepa­per. If you offer a taste of your prod­uct now, cus­tomers are more likely to buy the prod­uct down the road from their reseller out­let of choice. This, cou­pled with cus­tomized reseller links, is an effec­tive way to show cus­tomers the prod­ucts they want, when they want them. This is a one-two punch of an offer, and most cer­tainly an SEM knockout.

Work­ing with resellers in search can be dif­fi­cult, but if you are care­ful and metic­u­lous, you’ll find that resellers are open to your assistance.