It’s never been faster or eas­ier to drive busi­ness to Tirendo, thanks to Adobe Media Opti­mizer, part of Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud. Win­ning sales is all about pre­ci­sion and automa­tion for the Germany-based online dealer of wheels, tires, and accessories.

Our dig­i­tal mar­keters used to cal­cu­late spend ben­e­fits by hand, but Adobe Media Opti­mizer for Search enables us to break down and cat­e­go­rize search terms and deter­mine the opti­mum ad spend much more accu­rately,” says Agnieszka Woj­ciechowska, SEM man­ager at Tirendo.

Tirendo inte­grates its eCom­merce solu­tion smoothly into Adobe Media Opti­mizer as well, auto­mat­i­cally adjust­ing prod­uct list ad (PLA) cam­paigns. Automat­ing such opti­miza­tion enables Tirendo to man­age larger num­bers of search terms and cus­tomize expe­ri­ences accord­ing to each customer’s needs.

Learn more about how Tirendo is dri­ving fast inter­na­tional growth and improv­ing con­ver­sion with auto­mated, effi­cient search cam­paigns: http://​adobe​.ly/​1​e​L​F​Gfz.