As a leader in cloud-based Activity and Participant Management (APM), ACTIVE Network transforms social media activity into commerce for partner events and offers. Using Adobe Marketing Cloud, the company is leveraging web analytics to optimize social media campaigns and align messaging with marketing and business goals.

“Data is the fundamental source of truth,” says Justin Ramers, director of online marketing at ACTIVE Network. “Adobe Marketing Cloud enables us to deliver the best possible experience to customers across all entry points and take them along the shortest path of relevance to conversion.”

With the Adobe Analytics solution, ACTIVE Network can measure social activity, relate it to conversion, and adjust initiatives accordingly. The company learned that 13% of the company’s web traffic originates from social media and that 3.9% of conversions come from shared social media. Optimized social widgets showing the number of friends signed up for racing events resulted in 11% conversion.

Using the Adobe Target solution, ACTIVE Network runs A/B tests to optimize placement of social buttons, call-to-action text, and other content to determine what increases social sharing and related event registrations. With these optimizations, the company successfully increased share rates 1% resulting in an additional 20,000 shares.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud not only supports the theory that sharing is an exponentially effective way to engage audiences, but it also helps to continually refine social media strategies,” says Ramers.

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