We value our great relationship with Facebook. Not only do they power the digital relationships and communication between nearly a billion people, Facebook plays a critical role in powering relationships that brands never previously had with consumers. Facebook is a ubiquitous part of the digital experience—something we are deeply invested in across Adobe.

That’s why we’re so excited to share with you a new facet of our relationship with Facebook. Today, we are announcing that Facebook has awarded Adobe the designation of Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD).

This designation is the highest distinction awarded to developers of tools and technology for marketing on Facebook. It both recognizes the work Adobe has done as a PMD, and introduces a unique level of collaboration between the two companies.

Facebook introduced its PMD program in April 2012. Back then we shared with you more information about the program, including Adobe being the first PMD member to be awarded qualifications for all four of Facebook’s Marketing APIs – Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.

Five months later, the stakes have been raised again.

As a Strategic PMD, Facebook will play a strategic role in helping Adobe build technology that takes full advantage of Facebook and its marketing products. Adobe product and engineering teams will now be given increased access to Facebook product, engineering and support teams, access to trials of new products, and collaboration on key features and functionality.

Additionally, Adobe will have the opportunity to participate with Facebook in its evolution by providing guidance and feedback on the platform and new marketing products.

As a digital marketer, this collaboration ultimately offers you a platform in Facebook that gives you more and better ways to engage with your customers, plus tools from Adobe to help you manage, scale, measure and maximize the value of that engagement. Not to mention the improved turnaround time for technical issues (that’s a Strategic PMD bonus).

We’re excited about this new opportunity and privilege to collaborate with Facebook as a Strategic PMD. We think it will mean great things for Adobe, Facebook and brands.