Facebook continues to expand as a significant social marketing platform, today announcing its Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program.  Adobe is the first PMD member (out of an initial 232) awarded qualifications for all four of Facebook’s Marketing APIs – Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.

Adobe PMD BadgeBut what does that mean exactly and why is this important for our customers? Today’s announcement gives me a chance to highlight how you as a digital marketer can take advantage of some of our core social marketing capabilities and key differentiators that we deliver via Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, including Adobe Social, a new product that integrates page management/engagement, listening, social ad buying and social analytics. I will delve into the four Facebook APIs that we support and explain why this is extremely significant.

Pages APIPages API
Post scheduling and targeting, moderation, permissioning, and other tools to manage Facebook Pages

Adobe offers highly flexible page management with a robust roles and permissions model.  This enables global and local scale so you can manage all of your Facebook pages within a single platform, while empowering regional managers to execute campaigns locally. We also feature deep integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst, enabling auto tagging of social media posts with campaign tracking codes in the publishing workflow.  This means you can much more easily track how your Facebook content and interactions are driving behaviors on your digital properties.  That’s a fancy way of saying you can now tie social activity to business results.

Apps APIApps API
Services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations – customized or self-service

In addition to the flexibility and customizability that the new app builder within Adobe Social provides, Adobe’s integration between SiteCatalyst and former Efficient Frontier technology now enables auto tagging of applications (note, this is different than the auto tagging of Facebook posts mentioned above) with campaign tracking codes to measure users across the entire customer journey from ad click to app engagement to website conversion and beyond. Through an integration with Adobe Test&Target, marketers can engage in A/B testing of app creative and copy, producing critical Facebook app optimization insights for enhanced engagement. Our targeting technology automatically personalizes the app experiences based on social profile and demographic data, which improves relevancy and drives higher conversion.

In addition, Adobe is integrating Adobe Social with Adobe CQ, creating a social content management system for centralized digital asset management. This is perfect for global companies with local or regional markets. Corporate approved templates and content can then be managed appropriately while empowering local managers to execute social campaigns appropriate to their locale.

Advanced ad creation, campaign management, and reporting capabilities

Adobe is currently the only provider to integrate “sponsored story creation” within the Facebook publishing workflow.  Essentially, this capability can significantly expand the influence of content by maximizing reach – getting your content in front of a lot more eyeballs – and amplifying messages. This innovation enables community managers to collaborate closely with ad managers during the planning process to coordinate paid and owned reach at campaign launch instead of sponsoring a story after the post has gone live.

Adobe also provides not just large-scale ad buying and ad campaign management on Facebook, but we are also the only PMD to provide automated three-fold ad optimization: 1) optimize the creative in the ad so the content is the most impactful; 2) optimize the audience segments that get served the ad ensuring the right eyeballs see it; 3) optimize bidding using predictive modeling algorithms designed to increase conversions while lowering the cost per click. This three-fold optimization strategy helps you get the biggest bang for your buck.

I am also proud to say that Adobe enables cross-channel attribution of social against other digital advertising channels – search and display – because our technology manages all biddable digital ad formats. Adobe is literally helping you intelligently spend your ad dollars where it makes the most sense. We are actually the largest biddable ad provider in the market through our acquisition of Efficient Frontier technology and that scale and experience translates into trusted expertise in digital advertising.

Insights APIInsights API
Page and post analysis, benchmarking, KPI tracking, and other tools for measuring performance across Facebook objects

Adobe can tie Facebook activity directly to business results like revenue or other conversion metrics. Additionally, Adobe can integrate listening (earned) data with owned data, paid media (ads) data, and meaningful analytics (i.e. let’s look beyond “likes” and “fans” to revenue and conversions) within one dataset. This gives you a much more complete picture of performance across channels and insights to optimize investments across those channels for the greatest ROI.

Adobe also provides expertise and support in services designed to help brands leverage Adobe technology across Facebook’s marketing solutions. But that is a subject worth further discussion in a future blog.

This is an exciting time to be a digital marketer and as Facebook continues to innovate and enhance their platform, we will work closely with them to continue providing the most comprehensive and sensible support solutions possible.

What additional support for Facebook marketing activities would you like to see from Adobe?


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