Adobe has been managing Twitter campaigns since the Ads API program was announced early this year. We’ve run a myriad of Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and even Lead Gen Card campaign activities for customers in various industries – including financial services, retail, and education. Overall, our customers have seen positive results for both engagement and direct response campaigns leveraging Adobe Media Optimizer for Twitter paid advertising.

Recently, we were fortunate enough work alongside Mount Washington College to manage some of their lead acquisition activities leveraging Twitter’s Lead Gen Card ad product.

Positive Results via Adobe Media Optimizer

Mount Washington College cost per lead improved 11% and conversion rate increased 50% over the course of several weeks.  Engagement was a secondary goal, but also saw substantial gains. Initial results gave Mount Washington College the confidence to significantly increase spend on Twitter as it is now a viable direct marketing channel.

Mount Washington2

As you might recall, Twitter Lead Gen Cards enable the expansion of any tweet to expose lead capture information to better qualify prospects to aid in conversion and targeting effectiveness. Name, e-mail, Twitter Handle, and some additional third-party data are presently tracked. I personally think this is a tremendous way for customers to provide basic information to a brand, without interrupting the user experience, and route the customer accordingly – all within a tweet.  From an advertiser’s perspective, this is a truly exciting format because it’s the first time real lead qualification can occur through Twitter and arguably through “social advertising” overall – which equates to a powerful inventory source.

Mount Washington

From our perspective, we are most excited to enable our Media Optimizer customers to drive true direct response campaigns through Twitter. From lead tracking across all Twitter screens to mobile app tracking – it’s now possible and we’re proving its validity as a viable direct response option.

According to Kimberlie Zinda, VP of Marketing at Mount Washington College:

“Mount Washington College has re-imagined online higher education for career-focused, self-motivated students. We offer high-demand degree programs that are in-sync with today’s workforce demands. This new approach to education requires a new approach to reaching students who will excel on our new, online learning environment. We are connecting with potential students in new ways and where they are most actively engaged — in the digital, social and online community networks on a national basis.”


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