As I mentioned in my last post, we continue to release important optimization and workflow enhancements to Adobe Media Optimizer. This enables our customers to access to the latest performance social ads capabilities from Facebook and Twitter, and benefit from integrated platform features to execute successful campaigns across search, social and display. We believe media attribution across channels is the key to integrated campaign success. You can also read our perspective on digital advertising from Adobe’s Tim Waddell, director of product marketing for Advertising Solutions, where he highlights some of the investments we’re making and partnerships we’ve established to further drive ecosystem growth.

We also know that “social ads” is a key contributor in this evolution and we have mountains of customer evidence that quantifies the direct impact paid social advertising has to bottom line direct response and engagement activities – like this tremendous attribution case study from our agency partner, Mullen NC, and work we collectively drive on behalf of Lenovo. We’ve also seen global success as illustrated by in Germany with its social ads direct response campaigns.

marketing_cloud_solution_media_optimize_icons_for_screen_1024That said, here are some of our recent Adobe Media Optimizer updates you will find impactful as you consider integrating social advertising into your performance digital advertising portfolio.

1.)  TV Ad Viewer Targeting in Twitter. Now brands that have TV broadcast and/or cable campaigns in the U.S. Market (no global coverage at this time) can leverage the rich TV segment targeting data available to broadcasters, and apply it to below-the-line Twitter campaigns to create a synergistic offline/online experience and target strategy. This is a tremendous opportunity to drive targeting efficiency via Twitter to customers who have viewed a brands ad on TV. We LOVE the opportunity this affords brands that want to create relevant experiences with real business impact.

2.)  Application User ID enhancement to Facebook’s Customer Audiences targeting capability. As part of our Custom Audiences targeting capability, we’ve now enabled the ability to use a new targeting capability called “App User ID” that allows a brand to reach customers who have already been using an application with Facebook advertising on desktop or mobile. This is a tremendous opportunity to reach individuals who have already taken specific actions in your app (like making a purchase) as well as reach those individuals you know are highly engaged.

3.)  Bulk Lookalike Audience modifications. Managing Facebook ads at scale can be a complex undertaking. We’ve made some simple, but impactful enhancements to our Bulk functions for Lookalike Audience targeting in Facebook.

4.)  Multiple Budget Modifications. As Adobe Media Optimizer is a portfolio ads platform, we recognize that our customers want a unified ads experience across their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buys and management capabilities. Routinely, we unify the experience across the platform and we’ve just released the ability to change multiple budgets for each network from one unified location.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments always in the comments below or on Twitter at @rebeccakw. You can also reach out to your Adobe Media Optimizer Sales or Account Representative to ensure you can take advantage of these capabilities updates soon.


About Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe Media Optimizer is the industry’s first fully integrated digital advertising platform that delivers cross-channel ad management and optimization across search, display and social media campaigns for peak return on investment. The solution delivers more than 300 million monthly prospects and customers and is used by more than 400 global customers across industries. Adobe Media Optimizer manages more than $2 billion in annualized ad spend.