T – 20 days until general release

Super exciting time right now at Adobe Social. We’re counting down the final days to the general release of the all new Adobe Social!

Many of you have been asking for more details since our announcement in March, so over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight our favorite new features in a series of blog posts here.

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Redesigned UI
To kick us off this week, I’m going to cover a number of significant platform enhancements, starting with one you’ll notice immediately after logging in: the sleek new user interface.

Designed to simplify the number of clicks it takes to perform an action, promote interactivity and discovery, and pretty up the data for those of us who don’t have an analytics background, it’s a dramatic departure from the sea of numbers of yore.

Social Buzz Screenshot

Social Buzz Report

The new Social Buzz report above is a perfect example of how you can quickly gauge the pulse of brand conversations on the social web, find the conversations that matter most, and respond to customer questions and issues from one dashboard.

And for the data junkies, don’t worry. You can still drill down deep into trended and ranked reports and configure metrics and classifications to your heart’s content to demonstrate the impact social conversations have on site traffic and conversion behavior.

Publishing and Moderation On the Go
Mobile access has been a huge ask and now Adobe Social supports all you warriors in the field. With iPad in hand the last couple of months, I’ve been tweeting up a storm at conferences, monitoring responses, and trying to attract more followers (@lawrencekmak hint, hint), all with the new touch-optimized version of Adobe Social for iOS and Android browsers.

Jeni's Ice Creams on the #IRCE2013 Stage

Jeni’s Ice Creams on the #IRCE2013 Stage

Yes, there’s the native Twitter app, and yes, there are industry friends who offer fantastic mobile capabilities, but what I love about our offering is that not only can I tweet a photo I just took with my iPad of the ridiculously amazing storyteller and social guru @jenisicecreams at the #IRCE2013 event, I can quickly distribute that same content across Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, I can tap into the resulting social buzz, AND I know that everything is tracked to a campaign that I can link back to conversions and campaign performance.

Social Meets Collaboration in the Cloud
Another feature I’m tickled by is our new integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud’s collaboration layer.

Sharing and annotating an Adobe Social report to team members

Sharing and annotating an Adobe Social report to team members

The next time I need to forward my boss our latest Facebook campaign report, I can simply click a share button, circle an interesting data point, throw in a comment for context, click share, and voila! The graph appears in her Marketing Cloud feed and she can click right through into the Adobe Social report and drill down into the numbers herself. No email needed.

So there are some teasers for you. The new Adobe Social arrives at a desktop, smartphone and tablet near you on July 18th. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and announcements soon.