We caught up with digital marketing rock star and socially savvy Carmen Sutter, senior director of analytics for Warner Music Group, about WMG’s social objectives and her experience as an Adobe Social beta user.  Carmen has been delving into analytics for seven years, loves music (kinda cool considering where she works!) and football.  Oh yeah, she’s fluent in German, too.

Q:           What are your social objectives?

A:           Social plays a critical role for Warner Music Group in increasing awareness about our artists and their projects.  We also use social media as one of our key sales and marketing channels for digital and physical releases of albums, songs and videos.  Merchandise is also marketed through social, so we try to drive traffic to artist stores or partner stores.  Another social objective is to increase fan interactions and engagement as well as growing an artist’s fan/follower base.

Q:           How do you define social ROI?

A:           We use a variety of metrics to determine social ROI depending on the campaign and artist. Sales are an important metric, especially during a release period. We don’t just look at monetary conversion on the artists’ sites and stores.  We want to know if fans are joining the artists’ site communities and their engagement levels on those sites.  For example, are fans coming from social media more engaged on the artists’ web sites? Do they comment more, share more pictures, and download free content more compared to fans that came to the artists’ sites via other channels?  This means we also look at some of the softer metrics like increases in number of followers/fans, interactions and shares.

Q:           How are you looking at using Adobe Social to shape your business?

A:           For the digital and social marketing team, Adobe Social is providing a means to track content in the social web and acts as a hub to make interacting with artists via their fan pages an easier thing to do.

Adobe Social coupled with Adobe SiteCatalyst provides information, reports and actionable insights to our digital marketers that are important to them.  Adobe allows them to see how their marketing efforts translate and help them optimize their campaigns and work more efficiently.

Q:           Of the features and capabilities of Adobe Social you have had the opportunity to preview and work with, which do you find the most exciting?

A:           The unique ability to see artist site/store analytics alongside social media metrics is great. This helps us understand how a link in a particular post drove visits to the artist site and what they did on the site. We can determine, for example, if a pre-order link resulted in purchases.

We really like the ability to see which posts were the most engaging down to the time and day of the week as well as the post type.

The social publisher is also a feature we’ve enjoyed.  It allows us to preview posts as well as schedule them for a later time, which comes in handy for album releases and tour announcements.


To stay connected with Carmen, follow her on Twitter @c_sutter.