On Monday, Twitter announced the availability of its enhanced targeting capabilities to small business and self-service advertisers. For some time, select large brand advertisers and technology partners, like Adobe, have been able to target campaigns through Twitter by interest group and device type. This is part of Twitter’s Advanced Campaign toolkit that select advertisers had access to for about a year and Twitter partners, like Adobe, brought to market last month as part of Twitter’s Ads API program.

As in all social media marketing, deep targeting capabilities using social graph data is what makes the channel so attractive to marketers. Not only can advertisers reach a broad set of customers with messaging based on sheer volume of users, but with rich targeting capabilities, channels like Twitter can pin point relevant messages at the right time.

Take a look at the targeting within Adobe Media Optimizer. We’ve already seen some early success upwards of $2.00 Cost Per Follow (CPF) savings using segmentation tactics.

1- Twitter Campaign

Not only can you select targeting by interest group and username, but performance marketers can also import affinity targets based on related topics and groups. Importantly, Media Optimizer automates bidding based on these targeting specifications and their performance against marketer’s goals.

2- Twitter Campaign

Adobe Media Optimizer also enables category targeting based on feed imports directly from Twitter, as well as the ability to create unique parameters.

3- Twitter Campaign

And, of course Geo Targeting features apply to demographic targeting (e.g. Male/Female).

By enabling these targeting capabilities to self-service customers and small businesses, brands of all sizes can execute successful Twitter campaigns. The key will be to harness campaign data for repeatable success.


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