Yesterday, I sat in a room with social strategists representing some of the biggest brands in the World. We talked about their social media initiatives: the challenges they’re facing and the headway they are making to leverage social media to engage their customers. Of all the interesting insights, one theme came through loud and clear: The trial period is over. It’s time to demonstrate the business value of this channel. In other words, the days of social media in a silo are over.

The C-level is asking questions like: How does our engagement in social media drive revenue?  What impact does social media have on our marketing efforts, and vice-versa? In order to answer these questions, smart brands have recognized the need to put social media in the context of business, and integrate it as a critical component of, and input to their multi-channel marketing efforts. They are looking for solutions that seamlessly help them understand social media’s business impact, give them actionable insights and allow them to unlock the value of their social data to inform and optimize marketing strategies and tactics.

Today, we are very proud to announce Adobe SocialAnalytics.

Adobe SocialAnalytics is the first-ever solution to fully integrate social media monitoring and measurement with cross-channel analytics. By building a world-class monitoring solution and integrating it with our industry-leading measurement, analytics and optimization suite, our customers can begin to leverage valuable social data in context with all of their marketing initiatives.

With SocialAnalytics, marketers can:

  • Tie social conversations to revenue Obtain real-time feedback and insight from conversations occurring across social networks and online communities, and tie it to consumer action.
  • Monetize social media engagement Uncover the earned value of sharing by profiling and segmenting social media influencers, then using this insight to drive more profitable customer interactions wherever they engage with consumers.
  • Transform marketing insight Transform traditional marketing insight by enhancing “what they did” (traditional, action-based marketing measurement) with “who they are” and “how they feel about it”.
  • Enable community-driven decision making Stop fusing together disjointed tools and using manual processes to measure and manage social media data. Marketers now have an integrated solution to harness the voice of the community to make informed decisions about how to best engage with their customers.

Harnessing the real power of social media requires removing it from a silo — essentially blending business with social. By plugging social media into the Online Marketing Suite, we are removing the guesswork associated with social media engagement, and replacing it with strategies and experimentation built on insight.

SocialAnalytics will be generally available in Q3 of 2011. I can’t wait.

Chad Warren
Chad Warren

Depending upon the scope of what you want to track, etc... you can launch without much implementation at all. We are pricing based upon number of mentions. So, pricing will depend on the volume of social conversation your tracking.


Great! I keep reading about it! Sounds exciting, but will it be tangible to the little agencies? What level of implementation is it going to require? Where is it and how much will it cost?