The dynamic gaming industry needs an equally dynamic solution for managing social media across channels. Caesars Entertainment uses the Adobe Social solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud to drive awareness of its brands, promote its Total Rewards loyalty program, and increase room reservations, event ticket sales, and dining reservations.

“We discovered that a significant portion of our app revenue came from people who interacted with our apps and later came back through a different channel to purchase,” says Eric Petersen, director of new media marketing at Caesars. “Without Adobe Social, we couldn’t credit the revenue to the apps appropriately. Instead we’d have to attribute it only to the last-touch channel. The problem with that is that we could end up focusing only on developing that channel while downplaying the activities that actually generated the customer interest.”

Adobe Social integrates seamlessly with other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, which Caesars has been using to optimize web content publishing, online analytics and testing, and multichannel delivery of marketing campaigns. Now Caesars gets as much detail about social media as it has for traditional and mobile-optimized websites. Learn more here.