Caesars Entertainment LogoIf you don’t have all chan­nels inte­grated — includ­ing social — you won’t be able to see [social media’s impact on revenue].”

That’s a quote from Chris Kahle, Man­ager, Web Ana­lyt­ics at Cae­sars Enter­tain­ment, in Altime­ter Group’s lat­est research on social data intel­li­gence pub­lished today.

As one of our cus­tomers, Cae­sars Enter­tain­ment uses Adobe Social to auto­mat­i­cally tag social posts and apps with cam­paign track­ing codes and con­nect data gleaned from those social inter­ac­tions with enter­prise data col­lected in Adobe Ana­lyt­ics. The result? Cae­sars knows exactly which social con­tent dri­ves busi­ness results like hotel book­ings. This gives Cae­sars the insights it needs to opti­mize future cam­paigns and, as Susan Etlinger points out in the report, “inform smart engage­ment through­out the customer’s lifecycle.”

The report is a great read on the oppor­tu­nity brands have to aggre­gate social data with data from mar­ket­ing chan­nels, CRM, and data ware­house sys­tems to get a more com­plete pic­ture of cus­tomer behav­ior, inter­ac­tions, and pref­er­ences across the cus­tomer jour­ney. This will help brands under­stand the impact social really has on the busi­ness and present some tan­ta­liz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for opti­miza­tion across the mar­ket­ing mix.

And that’s a jack­pot I think most mar­keters would love to win.

Learn more about how Cae­sars uses Adobe Social to drive book­ings via social engage­ment by down­load­ing the case study here: http://​adobe​.ly/​1​8​P​p​Xpi