Caesars Entertainment Logo“If you don’t have all channels integrated – including social – you won’t be able to see [social media’s impact on revenue].”

That’s a quote from Chris Kahle, Manager, Web Analytics at Caesars Entertainment, in Altimeter Group’s latest research on social data intelligence published today.

As one of our customers, Caesars Entertainment uses Adobe Social to automatically tag social posts and apps with campaign tracking codes and connect data gleaned from those social interactions with enterprise data collected in Adobe Analytics. The result? Caesars knows exactly which social content drives business results like hotel bookings. This gives Caesars the insights it needs to optimize future campaigns and, as Susan Etlinger points out in the report, “inform smart engagement throughout the customer’s lifecycle.”

The report is a great read on the opportunity brands have to aggregate social data with data from marketing channels, CRM, and data warehouse systems to get a more complete picture of customer behavior, interactions, and preferences across the customer journey. This will help brands understand the impact social really has on the business and present some tantalizing opportunities for optimization across the marketing mix.

And that’s a jackpot I think most marketers would love to win.

Learn more about how Caesars uses Adobe Social to drive bookings via social engagement by downloading the case study here: