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Recent research from Social Media Exam­iner shows roughly two out of three B2C mar­keters put Face­book at the top of their social media list for such pur­poses as keep­ing cus­tomers informed, estab­lish­ing brand iden­tity, and broad­en­ing their reach. But with only 37% of B2C respon­dents indi­cat­ing that they felt their Face­book social mar­ket­ing was effective—and a whop­ping 84% claim­ing they didn’t know which social media tools worked best—it seems clear that mar­keters could ben­e­fit from a refresher on the var­i­ous tools and appli­ca­tions avail­able through the most widely used social channel.

To help brands bet­ter under­stand how to use Face­book mar­ket­ing to tar­get and engage their audi­ence, we’ve put together the fol­low­ing list of Face­book mar­ket­ing terms. Enjoy!

Can­vas Page: A can­vas page is like a land­ing page within Face­book on which mar­keters can run their apps. Can­vas pages allow mar­keters to build out space for their apps and an added bonus is that it’s also avail­able on mobile.
Can­vas pages can be pro­moted through posts on Face­book as well as via Twit­ter, emails, etc.

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Face­book Cus­tom Audi­ences: Face­book Cus­tom Audi­ences is a brand new and very suc­cess­ful adver­tis­ing offer of Face­book. It allows mar­keters to tar­get their audi­ences on Face­book, using email addresses, phone num­bers, or Face­book IDs. You sim­ply have to pro­vide a list of emails, mobile phone num­bers, or Face­book IDs to Face­book and then you can push those indi­vid­u­als ads on Face­book.  This means that in addi­tion to tar­get­ing the broader Face­book pop­u­la­tion, you can reach seg­ments of spe­cific peo­ple based on infor­ma­tion you have about them: pur­chases, loy­alty sta­tus, email sub­scribers / unsub­scribers, scores, etc.  For instance, a brand can upload a list of cart aban­don­ers within the past 24 hours and use their email addresses to remar­ket to them on Face­book.  As another exem­ple, a brand can reen­gage peo­ple who unsub­scribed from their newslet­ter on Facebook.

Face­book Exchange: With Face­book Exchange (FBX), adver­tis­ers can take advan­tage of ad retar­get­ing on Face­book via real-time bid­ding. FBX allows adver­tis­ers to tar­get audi­ences based on web his­tory data. In other words, when a user vis­its a prod­uct page on a retailer’s web­site but fails to make a pur­chase, the retailer can then dis­play an ad for that same prod­uct on Face­book with FBX.

Pre­vi­ously, FBX was restricted to ads in the side columns, but, now that it’s avail­able in news feeds, adver­tis­ers look­ing to drive engage­ment should expect improved response rates. In fact, Mar­cus Pratt, direc­tor of insights and tech at Medi­a­smith, pegs news feed response rates at 10 to 50 times that of ad place­ments in the right col­umn.

Face­book Login: Face­book Login (for­merly Face­book Con­nect) is a social sign-on solu­tion that allows vis­i­tors to log into web­sites using their Face­book cre­den­tials. It’s advan­ta­geous for mar­keters because it allows them to elim­i­nate tra­di­tional bar­ri­ers to fill­ing out forms, result­ing in fresh, reli­able data, and it pro­vides quick and easy web­site access for consumers.

Accord­ing to a Neolane sam­ple of 150 lead­ing web­sites using Face­book Login, brands are gath­er­ing basic infor­ma­tion via logins (i.e., email address, birth­day, loca­tion), but could be miss­ing out on oppor­tu­ni­ties to cap­ture high-value qual­i­fi­ca­tion data (i.e., likes or inter­ests on Face­book) that could be used to per­son­al­ize expe­ri­ences across chan­nels. In addi­tion, let’s look at some busi­ness ben­e­fits: Face­book says that Face­book Login increases site reg­is­tra­tion from 30% to 200%. ShoeDaz­zle, a shoe and apparel ecom­merce web­site, says that con­nected users are 50% more likely to make repeat pur­chases every month than aver­age shoppers.

Face­book Noti­fi­ca­tion: Face­book Noti­fi­ca­tions alert users every time a Face­book app, mobile app or web­site with a Face­book login but­ton wants to send them a noti­fi­ca­tion, just like users are alerted to posts/comments made on their wall by friends. By get­ting social opt-in through Face­book login and thus get­ting the right to send Face­book Noti­fi­ca­tions, brands can help ensure their fans are get­ting all of their con­tent and posts. Noti­fi­ca­tions can be per­son­al­ized and seg­mented the same way brands can seg­ment emails or SMS today. It’s the most promis­ing 1:1 social channel.

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Fan Gate: A fan gate allows brands to dis­play in page tabs of their Face­book page dif­fer­ent con­tent to those who are fans ver­sus those who are not. In other words, access to brand infor­ma­tion is lim­ited to those who have “liked” a brand’s Face­book page; those who have not will see a tab ask­ing them to like the page in order to see what’s behind it.  Accord­ing to a recent Neolane study, fan gat­ing is much more com­mon among French brand pages, whereas only 9% of Amer­i­can brand pages employ this tech­nique, per­haps the sim­plest way to acquire more fans.

One way for mar­keters to effec­tively use a fan gate is to pair it with an exclu­sive offer or pro­mo­tion, which can boost then engage­ment with non-fans as it attracts users who want to claim the offer. Here is an exam­ple of what a user might see after click­ing a brand’s like button:

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Page Tab: A Face­book page is one of the most basic ways for brands to mar­ket their busi­nesses and estab­lish their brand iden­tity. The Page Tab appli­ca­tion can be added to the header of the brand page as well as pro­moted in user book­marks. It is not, how­ever, avail­able on mobile.

By set­ting up Page Tab in Face­book, brands can make a good first impres­sion on fans and fol­low­ers, fea­ture their prod­ucts or ser­vices, run con­tests or pro­mo­tions, gather social opt-ins, and more.

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Open Graph: Open Graph enables sto­ry­telling on Face­book across mul­ti­ple devices, which increases engage­ment, dis­tri­b­u­tion, and growth for brands. Apps need to use Face­book Login to enable Open Graph action shar­ing, such as “I lis­tened to X”, “I’ve cooked Y,” or “I’ve added Z in my wish­list.” Once it’s done, brands can let peo­ple pub­lish sto­ries from their app in one click. Brands can also cap­ture open-graph actions shared by indi­vid­u­als. This rich behav­ioral data can be used to deliver per­son­al­ized mes­sages and expe­ri­ences across channels.

Thanks to the recent acqui­si­tion of Sto­ry­line, Face­book could be bet­ting big on Open Graph. In fact, more than 400 bil­lion Open Graph actions have been shared thus far and Face­book has just enriched built-in Open Graph actions related to fit­ness, books, TV, etc.

Social Opt-In: Sim­i­lar to per­mis­sion mar­ket­ing con­cepts used on other chan­nels, the social opt-in is a mech­a­nisn whereby a Face­book user con­sents to pro­vide cer­tain pro­file infor­ma­tion to a brand in exchange for access to a Face­book app offer­ing exclu­sive con­tents, deals, etc.  While the term social opt-in applies gen­er­ally to many social net­works, it has become a cru­cial con­tact acqui­si­tion and data enrich­ment strat­egy on Face­book.

With social media mar­ket­ing grow­ing expo­nen­tially, brands have the oppor­tu­nity to not only con­nect with their fans but to become bet­ter acquainted with them and tai­lor real-time mes­sages, offers, and con­tent to indi­vid­u­als. Face­book in par­tic­u­lar allows mar­keters to tar­get their audi­ence, dri­ving increased engage­ment and brand loyalty.

In addi­tion to the terms out­lined above, how have you used Face­book mar­ket­ing to con­nect with your fans and followers?

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