Mickael Bentz[Posted by , Prod­uct Mar­ket­ing Man­ager, Neolane]

In addi­tion to serv­ing as a chan­nel to develop brand aware­ness and improve engage­ment with cus­tomers, Face­book is a per­sonal infor­ma­tion gold­mine.  This infor­ma­tion can be cap­tured through what we call the “social opt-in.” The social opt-in occurs when Face­book users accept appli­ca­tions request­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion on face​book​.com or use Face­book to log in to third-party web­sites. A lot of infor­ma­tion can be requested, includ­ing email, pages liked and declared interests.

In two Neolane stud­ies of web­sites with Face­book Login and Face­book appli­ca­tions, we real­ized that the ‘like’ cap­ture is not very pop­u­lar among mar­keters for the moment. About 25% of Face­book appli­ca­tions ana­lyzed require users’ likes, while only 17% of web­sites using Face­book Login col­lect the likes.Social Marketing

Why this per­cent­age is so small?
When we ask our cus­tomers why this per­cent­age is so low, we get the fol­low­ing answer: we didn’t know that we could cap­ture pages likes.  It’s true, only advanced social media mar­ket­ing solu­tions like Neolane Social Mar­ket­ing can do that and there­fore many mar­keters don’t know how to lever­age them.

How­ever, likes are really sim­ple to use. For exam­ple, it is eas­ily pos­si­ble to inter­pret if “opt-in indi­vid­u­als” are:

  • Fans of com­peti­tors, which could lead to spe­cific actions. Exam­ple: which Adi­das fans also like Nike?
  • Fans of brands of the same envi­ron­ment to build part­ner­ships, co-brandings, joint events, etc. Exam­ple: Among fans of Quick­sil­ver, what per­cent­age also likes Red Bull or Monster?
  • Fans of part­ners to tar­get them with spe­cific con­tent. Exam­ple: fans of Emi­rates and PSG foot­ball club.
  • Fans of spe­cific loca­tions. Exam­ple: Lon­don Zoo, Stade de France, Scuba Div­ing Club of Phuket, Star­bucks of the 5th Avenue NYC, etc.
  • Fans of spe­cific celebri­ties to bet­ter tar­get mar­ket­ing actions and part­ner­ships. Among Chevro­let fans, what per­cent­age likes Justin Bieber or Johnny Cash?
  • Fans of spe­cific activ­i­ties. Exam­ple: fan pages of a cin­ema, of a run­ning asso­ci­a­tion, of a local fair trade shop, etc.
  • Fans and app users of my page apps. Exam­ple:  This con­tact used two apps of my page within the last two months, down­loaded two coupons on my coupon­ing app, shared one coupon with a friend, etc.
  • Fans of my brand to pro­vide them exclu­sive content.
  • Heavy page lik­ers, heavy bas­ket­ball team lik­ers, heavy super­mar­ket lik­ers, etc. to offer them tar­geted contents.

All of this infor­ma­tion can be lever­aged imme­di­ately or inter­preted with sim­ple aggre­gate and ana­lyt­ics tools and solu­tions such as those pro­vided by Neolane.

For com­pa­nies will­ing to go beyond this easy-to-acquire infor­ma­tion, it is also pos­si­ble to pre­dict cer­tain behav­ior of users, such as their per­son­al­ity traits accord­ing to a study called “Pri­vate traits and attrib­utes are pre­dictable from dig­i­tal records of human behav­ior” by the Pro­ceed­ings of the National Acad­emy of Sciences.